Grow bags or pots indoor

What size grow bags would you use for auto flower

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I personally use 5 gal fabric pots

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I have 1, 3 and 5 gallon bags. I’ll use ½ gallon plastic pots if I intend to veg a for a while.

New grower, indoors, very small space, used 1 fabric pot of 5 gal, and 2 plastic pots 3.5 maybe 4 gal. Pots are taller than fabric. 3 different plants same strain. 3 different results.

I dont think size matters because, there are guys who get great results from growing out of solo cups.

It appears that when proper watering and nutes are delivered, coupled with good genetics and good lighting, great things happen.

100s of successful grows happen in pots of all sizes, fabric and plastic.

Like you, i wanted to emulate all, trouble is, you have 1000s of recipes to choose from that that produce buds that could win BUD OF THE MONTH any given month. Keep it simple as possible, sure makes it easy to enjoy your grow while learning.

I love 3 gallons

I have always used 3G’s indoors with both photos and now my fist attempt at autos.

I’ll probably try 5G when the soil has cured a bit.


5 gal auto and 7-20 photo. Living soil.