Grow bags and smaller feminized strains

Can the feminized Apple Fritter strain be grown in 5 gallon fabric bags?


I think 5 gallon is plenty big enough for indoor grows. I usually use 2 to 3 gallon with no issues, but I dont veg them longer than 5 to 6 weeks at most.
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Welcome! It also depends if you’re using soil, coco, organic, etc. If going organic, not recommended to go any smaller than 5 gallons. Coco, less than 5 gallons more nutrients are used to keep fed. So to answer your question, 5 gallons is good and like @4204life 3 gallons can work too.


3 gallon indoor is plenty of room.
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Thanks for your responses.
By means of an introduction, this will be my 4th summer growing outdoors.
I’ve grown autoflowers each year in fabric containers with Fox Farm soil and nutrients. (I plan on using ILGM nutrients this year.)
For the past 2 years, I’ve grown Big Bud and Bruce Banner in a top soil/compost/mushroom mulch blend in my garden. Both, while supposed to grow about 6 - 8 feet tall, grew 10 to 12 feet with average yields, smaller than ILGM describes, but by no means smaller than average.


I use 3 gallon on all my indoor plants Growmie. What size is your grow space and the number of plants you plan on growing in that space. I also use 1 gallon vessels to increase the plant count in a smaller grow space :love_you_gesture:


Welcome @shonuff1460 …Glad to see another fellow outdoor growmie here…Sometimes we are out numbered :laughing:…But ALL of the growmie brothers are very cool here anyone will help you !!
Outdoors Ive grown Autos in 2,5 and 10…Photos in 45g .
Good Luck on your grow…Lets see it!!


Thanks for the response Al.
Currently, it’s winter here.
The main reason I was asking is because I was because ai was considering growing feminized Apple Fritter, and the ILGM description for them says they only grow about 2 or 3 feet tall (much like autoflower strains).
In the past, I’ve grown autos in 2 gallon fabric bags with moderate success and in-ground, feminized Bruce Banner and Big Bud strains that grew twice as big as ILGM’s descriptions (12 feet tall for 6’ as described by ILGM), but with lower yields (but still a lot) than expected.

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Just throwing this in ,I made these autos which stay relatively small but very bushy

I’m reusing 5 gallon fabric pots they seem to work best for me


@shonuff1460 Ahh I see…Yeah sometimes plants will be that way larger or smaller…Phenos very But wow that big tree you got !! I wish I had the space in ground but we paved the backyard many moons ago so its pots for me…also even though I’m in a legal state I still dont like my plants too big keeps the two legged possible thieves away :laughing: plus its easier to handle and move around and yes like you I have too much already…Which I guess is a good thing.
@Lacewing Very nice “bushes” you’ve got there!! 5g is my choice for some and 10g for others …depends on the strain…I like the 5`s for ease of moving around if I need to…Great Job!!


These were my 3 Br8ce Banner’s th8s summer.

If I had your deets you’d already have some seeds my friend lol
Thank you