Grow Article with Questionable Info

So I was reading through various topics today and saw a post about a newer grow guide article. Link was posted by @Logan.ILGM . Now I know the article was no doubt written by someone else and not Logan so this is by no means calling out anyone, but the article contained a paragraph I have concerns with.
This is the linked article…

This is the paragraph I am concerned about…Bold print added by me to highlight my area of concern.

Is living soil better than coco?

“Again, to each their own, I would still choose living soil over cannabis grown in coco. Coco is a good medium but tends to be pretty salty and contaminated with pathogens and heavy metals. Coco provides the benefits of faster plant growth and larger yields and is more forgiving than most hydroponic cultivation methods. However, I would still choose living soil as a better medium.”

My research finds Coco can trap Heavy metals if introduced but does not inherently contain high levels when fresh. Anything that has heavy metals introduced to it will then have a larger amounts in it, including soil.
Pathogens are found everywhere, even in soils.
Pathogen definition is: any small organism, such as a virus or a bacterium that can cause disease
Saying Coco is “Contaminated” with these is is quite a accusation that I find no support for. We have a forum that works hard to provide good information and I don’t think this is a fair statement to put in an article that new growers will read.
So if anyone can provide a link to some actual evidence to these claims I would love to see it. If my grows are high in heavy metals I need to know. My wife who eats an ounce a month of extracted cannabis is concerned about the quality of the weed we grow.
I feel this is a reasonable request for information. Not by any means wanting to start an argument of any sort.


You win today’s “Good Citizen” award. :slight_smile:

I’ve read through many of the ILGM grow guides and agree that many of them were written more than 5 years ago and are in need of accuracy updates.

On coco, I’ve not checked, but I assume the better brands would provide 3rd party testing results for contamination of any type.


From Cococoirglobal:

I would like to suggest that the folks bumping 4 year old threads to the top of the thread list would better spend their time updating education articles with currently understood practices.


I have read many of those articles and may or may not always agree with some of the information. That’s true of many of us I am sure. But this statement implies that Coco is a dangerous product and might make you seriously ill.
You cant state that without at least something to back up that claim.
Your post above seems to show its a safe product. :+1:


Goofy considering many living soil mixes have coco in them… Nice catch @Spiney_norman


Somehow I don’t think this writer would do so well in a debate with the guy from the Coco for Cannabis website.


Its “My research” , to me, he’s owning the article.


That was my comments. His quote was only within the quotation marks. “x”


It was a good post @MidwestGuy
A Reworking of the grow articles is due. I think they are working on it.


Thanks. What I argued turned out not to be the case, so I had to delete it.