Grassy smell After harvest

We’ve had 4 great harvests but we can’t seem to keep that potent scent. Any tips for retaining the original odor of the plant please?

How are you drying and curing your harvest
It’s not uncommon for it to smell like grass or hay before it cures and the closer you trim it the better you are also
Proper Curing take time min 4 weeks but like a fine wine longer is better months not weeks is best
Here a guide that may help you out


Usually, the curing makes a big difference. At first, smell is great. As it dries, it smells more like hay. Once it is dried and cured properly, it will have its own smell.

Some folks add SULFUR FREE molasses…it will smooth out the flavor and add it’s own sweetness. One teaspoon per 5 gallon.


I’m hangining the stems on a wire for drying and then putting the buds in a glass jar burping them for an hour once a day. I am drying OG kush and Ny diesel both from ILGM right now. This is my fourth harvest ever all with ILGM seeds. My results have been amazing. Looks, size, potency and quantity are perfect but I haven’t been able to get the hay smell out.

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I would guess you are drying too far; once that happens it’s hard to put the aroma back. I try very hard to come down to my final moisture content (62%) rather than drop below and come back up.

Some strains take a long time to develop the aroma too.

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How do I determine the moisture content and how do I bring the moisture up or down once I take the buds off? I have a few stems that are a little crunchy. Should I take the buds off and put them in a jar?

I use a couple of hygrometers to monitor and measure humidity and when I am close to my target I use a Boveda pack to maintain correct RH in the jar. You can leave on the stem or remove; it doesn’t matter. Excess leaf material could also cause the “hay” smell.