Grand Daddy Purp Auto Flower

This is about 2 weeks old and it started to look like the leaves were rusting is this a threat to other plants near it and is there any way I can fix it is it anything to worry about how do I fix this

Also I have another Regular plant going it is about 2 months old it’s small but nobody has been able to call it male or female can anyone help me with that as well ?


As far as the bottom plant, it is not showing yet, at least not in the pictures.
Your seedling doesn’t look like anything to be concerned with yet. But we need to know what light and soil you are using, how much water and how often. PH and PPM if you know. Your soil looks a touch overwet and could be slightly dampening off. It can cause stem rot in seedlings. Could be light stress. Too much intense light can be hard on seedlings, easy to fix by moving the plant further away. Definitely need more info to be real help.


Do you have drain holes in the bottom of the jug? Soil looks pretty wet.

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I might have been to much intense light with a tad bit of over watering. I am using Happy Frog soil

I had a GOOD amount of holes in them i snipped the brown part off and RePotted into 5 Gal Fabric Pots

Yes I had a good amount of holes in the bottom. I re potted them into 5 gal pots

For the bottom picture. Is it old enough to lollipop or should I leave it alone it’s looking scraggly

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Wouldn’t lollipop yet if it were me. I do that around week 3-4 of flower.

You could clean up the bottom discolored leaves being that they won’t recover. Just so your plant isn’t sending wasted resources to that foliage.

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I don’t defoliate until flower. Then very selective on what I take. Lower third maybe if I do. You need leaves for photosynthesis and strong plant growth.

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Yes you do 100. Just get light to sites that will produce big nugs. Not larf. Keep chugging along brother.

Most all of growing is preference. Just have to find what works for you by taking a little from everyone techniques in this amazing forum.