Dull, yellow leaves and "rust" spots. Please help

So, I have 2 ILGM Zkittlez Autos, running in Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog(half, half, mix), under 600 watts LED, exhaust fan and humidifier at 60%. I haven’t fed any nutes, just Recharge and a little CalMag, when I noticed the “rust” spots. My other girl is doing great, even though environment for both is exactly the same. She’s already showing signs of preflower. Any helo to save this girl will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Happy growing, everyone!

Gee… that is NOT a happy plant.

First try to get a picture away from the blurples. The flash on the camera helped drown it but its hard to tell with the lowers.

The yellowing looks a tad more then natural new leaf yellow. May not be something to go nuts about, but thats alotta yellow.

The spots LOOK like cal def spots, but they are uniform and located where Mag def normally show. How long have they been present? Do u have pictures from a few days ago?

If I had to take a wild guess tho? Id say pH is a bit off… and its dragging her thru the mud. Also maybe a bit out of vpd… one or two of those lower leaves have a slight ‘taco’ to them. Normally heat related


Unfortunately, I don’t have any earlier pics. I’m running in basement with fans, so temps don’t rise above 80°F. My PH stays between 6.2 and 6.4, going in. I’ve heard Ocean Forest can be a bit hot, which is why I mixed it with Happy Frog. Weird thing is, I have 5 GDP autos, 1 more Zkittlez auto and 1 Gelato Auto, ALL running in same soil, same environment, same everything and are all doing fantastic. She’s my only girl who’s, obviously, unhappy. Should I just scrap her and call it a loss, while it’s still early? Don’t want to waste time and resources, if she’s not gonna produce.
This is only my second run, so I’m still trying to dial things in. I appreciate the quick response. Much love.


Just dont give her any extras unless she gets her act in line. I hate tossing plants out without a good chance. Hopefully she straightens up


Yeah, I agree with that. Thanks again for taking the time, man. I appreciate it

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Welcome back ! Don’t give up on her I would give her a good drink of cal-mag next water day. I think she’ll be fine. Good luck


I’ll definitely do that. Thanks!


Look i agree with the other members it does look like a calcium def and it also maybe ur ph and if its not ur ph it could possibly be nitrogen def alittle bit .what is ur ph at just so we know its not that

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What is needed is to flush her with 5.5ph water do like 3-4 gallons cal mag issue for sure but sometimes nutrient lock happens and only way to fix the overflow of fert in the mix is to start from scratch. This has happened a few times to me with multi plants usually lack of air flow or to long between watering will do this. To dry and roots die and then decompose which fires off gasses and shoot your ground lets just say rise in ph which will counteract your intact.

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I would not give up. Throwing away a plant before trieng everything is like throwing away the science book before you learn it. I always try till they die. Learn a lot about them with reactions to remedies. No more loss than a little nute/time/space for a great learning opportunity.

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