Zkittlez auto day 80

Hey guys I got a zkittlez auto at about day 80. A few of her leaves are burned. I’m pretty sure it’s from macro nutrients but I’m not sure, can anyone help? Also, how much longer should I let get flower before chopping her down?


Still a ways out Growmie, I did notice some white residue on the leaves. What’s the RH in your grow area and are you running a humidifier in there :love_you_gesture:

At least 3 to 4 weeks would be an estimate.

Don’t want hardly any white pistils.

Otherwise, looking great!

Yea the white spots are from some calmag that got on a few leaves during a feeding. I was talking about the brown yellow spots, I’ll take some better pics rn. But the humidity stays around 50-60%. No humidifier,the climate I’m in keeps the tent where it should be as far as humidity.

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Looks like a deficiency, rather than a burn. Spotting is a classic calcium deficiency symptom.


That’s strange. The spots appeared after I fed. I treat her with calmag at every watering and feeding. What should I do? I figured the spots were caused by a fertilizer I use; fox farm big bloom. I’ve been feeding her a half cup per gallon. It seemed like a lot to me but I figured it was fine since they were macro nutrients.

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Are you feeding with Grow Big as well? Ff liquid fertilizers need to be used together to get the prop nutes working together to go where they need to in the plant.

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Yea I use all their nutes but I stopped grow big when she went into flower. All I use are tiger bloom, big bloom, calmag and root drench on the flowering plants.

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They contain minor amounts of macro nutrients (macro meaning the major nutrients) and minor amounts of micro nutrients (micro meaning the minor nutrients, which the plant needs minimal amounts of).

The thing about Fox Farms I detest, generally, is their utter lack of transparency. They say Big Bloom uses earth worm castings and bat guano, contains microbes and is generally harmless. worm castings are higher in nitrogen than anything else, by themselves. Bat guano is also high in nitrogen.

But the nutrient breakdown is allegedly 0.01-0.3-0.7 along with 0.1 iron. They don’t say anything about microbes or other micro nutrients. Just iron.

Anyway, the point of that tangent is I don’t really trust fox farms as far as I can throw em.

The real point of what I’m babbling on about though is that by supplying more potassium and phosphorus than you may be thinking you are, you are thereby increasing your plants demand for micronutrients that are interrelated with the P and K coming from the Big Bloom.


This is a chart that doesn’t mean a lot at first blush, but how much of one thing you add affects the plant’s ability to utilize others.

Do you follow their feed schedule? If not, it’s time to start, very likely starting with a flush.

I’m gonna grab @Newt - he’s my go-to fox farms guy, he made it work where my pea brain simply can’t. :v::100:


Thanks man. I really appreciate it. I figured it was more complicated than calcium deficiency. The amounts of calcium she was getting is fine. The spots seemed dependent on the bloom big. Thanks for putting me on track to figure this out.

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1/2 cup is a lot. I just follow the schedule:


Yea it’s the recommended feeding on the label so I figured they knew what they were talking about. That chart is great, thanks man.

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Be careful with autos and nutes… start small ( like an 8th of whats recomended ) and build up from there. As long as the spots arent spreading upwards youre good. Just went through this with my last grow. Learned real quick a little is a lot with autos.

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@Graysin Not “babbling” :speaking_head: At all… That`s all really important and useful information…I learn stuff from all members on here and try to pass it on to others if I’m able to myself…and every season I think I’m getting better and better! I still come across a few this and that with my plants but progress isn’t accomplished without trial and error,failure and success…we never stop learning! ( Now if I can get a handle on my nemesis Caterpillars I will be even happier)
Thanks for your valued input.