Help please Zkittles auto needs saving

Hello everyone I have 2 auto growing but one seems to either have a high ph problem or something any advice and how save able is it at all pics attached

@LFllc89 can you add all the details about your grow please, it’ll help with any analysis. What are you foliar spraying on the plant and how often is it getting watered also?


Search for a support ticket pics alone arent enough to diagnose

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That leaf you are looking at is dieng naturally. I personally do not see a spreading problem fron the pictures. Just me.

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What is white spots?


Took the words right outta my mouth bro

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@Dclark pssssttttttt. I am a broette. :rofl:


Zkittles from ilgm
Soil is ffof mix with happy frog
5 gal fabric pots
I don’t have a digital ph reader but it seems to be a little above 7 n which I did order ph down and started feeding it
I don’t know what you asking about nutrient but I’m using tiger bloom 2.5 ml per gallon every other watering
Indoor tent 2x4
Spider farmer 2000 light
Daytime temp 75-80 I try keep it down but it’s super hot where I’m located nighttime 65-70
Humidity daytime 50-53 night 45-50
I have a ac infinity 6 inch fan
No ac
Yes I have de humidifier maybe not big enough
No co2

@beachglass looks like a foliar spray

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I had some powder mold substance on it and I saw to mix milk n water and spray which did get the mold or whatever off but the milk dried up on leaf ( I was scared wipe leaf to hard n damage it at time)

You’re going to want more than just the Tiger Bloom. Recommend incorporating the other FF liquid nutes Grow Big and Big Bloom

Also, HIGHLY recommend a digital pH pen. Dropper tests and probe meters are not reliable at all. Apera and BlueLab make some very accurate, simple to use instruments.

Temps and rh are good. Minor fading at the bottom leaves is normal. Especially when flowering starts as the plant focuses more on bud production and begins consuming the nutrients in older, lower leaves.


:point_up_2: everything @Borderryan22 said :love_you_gesture:

What kind of light are you using and what is it set at? You appear to have some intense foxtailing developing. This is usually a result inadequate lighting.

Haven’t heard this one. I like it :joy:

Thanks for all the feed back I have a spider farmer sf2000 I usually run it like at 50 setting I didn’t know how bright to initially set it …
And I do have big bloom incorporated into the bites on a 2 teaspoon per gal and I stopped the grow big because the instructions said only in veg. Stage being new I just didn’t wanna do anything not recommended as in not having to much help besides what I’ve researched…

Also upon reading up on fox tailing my light on that plant may have been to close because it grew higher than the other one besides I might have the light to high and the ph problem

This is too low for flowering.

Your gonna wanna read up on DLI.
Search the letters dli and read @Nicky thread on the issue. Its loaded and helpful.

Question: where are the branches?


Please like the main post if you learn something,

Here is a thread on DLI, it will help you immensely at understand lighting.

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It never grew branches it shit up but the branches never came out lie the other one I have growing next to it