Thought I had this PH issue solved. What Gives?

So i’m growing an OG kush auto flower that’s about ten days into veg.

It had a rough start tbh. The first few sets of leaves grew slow and shriveled. Once it even grew a 4 digit leaf! But all those issues are in the past, 10 days into veg and she’s looking strong and bushy.

That is aside from these persistent light spots on her leaves. Thought it was a PH issue, or a nutrient deficiency, i addressed both things (PH at 6.1, 3:1:2 NPK at 250 PPM) and a couple weeks later it seems to be getting better, but the new leaves still have light spots, and i’m worried this will affect my harvest. I’m also growing a Jack Herrer autoflower that has gotten all the same feedings and has never had these problems

What Gives??



That’s one I haven’t seen yet but I’m sure one of the folks here have. @Covertgrower or @kellydans ,any ideas anyone?


Looks like it’s almost a variegated leaf, but not quite. Right in between.


IMO it is just a Autoflower genetics thing. I grew a fair amount of Autos. It can be sometimes be scratch off. You win some you lose some. I have one now that is genetically screwed. If you run Autos pick the best bredders you can. On ther hand try to keep water away from seedling. Water in a circle a few inches away from the plant. Peace


Overall I think you’re off to a good start. I’m not a fan of spraying my plants after small seedling stage. Small seedling looks nice and healthy. The last picture dark green leafs could back off of the nitrogen a little bit as @dex2020 mentioned. Good luck


Here is one that should have died. But i kept her going just to see what happens. Short bus Sally


Pic loaded backwards. She is now the front one in the top picture. Just a stick.

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So these are actually all pics of the same plant but just in different stages of growth, should’ve said tht lol

But i was spraying the leaves, since i do it with other plants, just learning that i shouldn’t do it with weed. Thanks!

Hadn’t heard of that before, looks like it could be the answer. Thankfully it doens’t look like leaf variegation has an effect on the yield or bud quality

Kind of like @AutoMattik its probably just a genetics things that happens with autos. I got the seeds here so ill keep eye out for spots on future grows