63 days in with five auto's..having some serious nutrient issues

Things were going pretty smooth with this grow until like the third week of flowering and I noticed the brown spots on the leaves. I thought maybe leaf septoria because my humidity was a bit higher than I would’ve liked. The pH of my soil stays right at 7 and had for the entirety of the grow so i know it isn’t a pH issue.

Well it definitely is a calcium issue and I ended up making a compost tea using blackstrap molasses, terp tea flower, and earth worm casting and brewed that in a 5 gallon jug for a few days. I gave them that solution a few days ago. End result isn’t pleasing. Looks like maybe too much nitrogen.

I gave them a good dose of CalMag this morning and flushed them out a bit. I Know these plants are coming to the end of their life cycle soon.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m getting close to the finish line and want to get as much out of these girls as I can.

Thanks in advance.

Nitrogen and potassium deficiency looks like. Support ticket just in case?

  • Three Jack Herer, one OG Kush, one Bubblegum. Robert Bergman’s.
  • Method: FFHF soil.
  • Vessels: 3.8 Gallon Buckets
  • I water at 6.3 pH, soil pH sits at 7.
  • I’ve only used a compost tea as a nutrient solution and feed that @ a half a gallon per bucket.
  • Indoor
  • Light system: Two 600w LED’s running on an 18/6 schedule.
  • Temps; Day:74, Night:69-70
  • Humidity; Day: 63 Night: 57
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4 in exhaust fan. 4 inch intake fan.
  • No AC, Yes De-humidifier.
  • Co2; no

Despite these issues the buds have continued filling out on the plant. Some of the leaves near the buds are being affected though. I know these plants are coming to the end of their life cycle. I honestly think another 12 days ill be harvesting atleast two in this crop, but I’ll let the trichomes do the talking.


I agree with @Covertgrower. I’d also like to say, judging by the pics and timeline, you still have a while. She’s not really filled out yet. But she will, quickly, if you get the nutes sorted. My biggest girl sprouted 23 April. She’s been in flower for 35 days and I’m guessing I still have another 14-21. That will put her at a total of 90-97 days. Don’t go by the seed bank ads that say seed to harvest in 8 weeks.

Feel free to look at my girl in my grow journal if you want.

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Well I was sent this picture as reassurance to my problems

My friend has a farm in Colorado. I think the bulk of my problem may come from my bucket size. I read about the right size bucket for hours for these auto’s. Everyone swore 5 gallon was too big and 3 was just about right so I went and got 3.8 gallon. These plants are not small by any means. Two of them are like 4 feet tall so that threw me off as well.

I’m just going to keep up on the compost tea, calmag supplement and pH water regiment and ride it out. Not much else I can do. Too late for a bucket transfer now. Maybe 3 weeks to go.

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That’s a bit high.

I see some calcium deficiency. So adding cal mag is the right direction if it’s not being locked out.


So in my compost tea I add blackstrap molasses (2 tablespoons) about 300mg per tablespoon of potassium. The terp tea i use has iron, magnesium, and then I’ve also started supplementing the calmag every other water. I’ll drop the pH going forward. Gotta tough out these last couple of weeks :muscle:

Gonna bust out the scissors and start hacking off the big leaves and dead leaves as well.

Was trying to avoid pruning the autos but there was a lot of useless foliage at the base and also got rid of the affected leaves that would obviously have no chance of bouncing back.

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Not out of the woods yet, but a pH adjustment goes a long way :handshake:


And I’m officially out of the woods at day 69…the girls started filling out again and I couldn’t be happier. A pH adjustment, some calmag, improved air circulation, and a good trim seemed to do the trick. Thank you to everyone for your input, you guys rock!!


Potassium , nitrogen excess in soil causes lockout of potassium