Got some questions about air cooled lighting

Hey there. First time grower. Just have a couple questions about my 4x4 setup. I have included pics of my progress. I was going to run my scrubbing ventilation thru the hood but from what I’m reading, I should have a dedicated fan for it and push filtered cool air from outside the tent thru the hood and back out of the tent. Is this correct? So it should be filter-fan-duct-hood-duct-out tent? Also, should I attach the scrubbing fan directly to the carbon filter, keeping it inside the tent; or, is ok to have the fan outside the tent at the end of the duct from the carbon filter? Any recommendations for a 6 in fan to dedicate to the hood? Do I need a controller for this fan? Started my White Widow autos from ILGM yesterday. Can’t wait to get going. Thanks for the help!

So the biggest issue there is the filter creating a static load on the fan. It’s usually a pretty significant drop in overall amount of air that would ultimately be going through hood if you used the filter and hood on the same circuit. Then if you wanted to maybe slow down your fab to help control environmentals it would have negative effect on cooling of light. That’s why you see a lot of people recommend using two different circuits, one for cooling and one for filtering. People successfully run grows using it all together, but it’s definitely more difficult.

As far as fan goes, I always like to recommend a DC mixed flow fan like ac infinity or hyperfan. They are more efficient, have better speed control, and usually aren’t as loud as similar sized centrifugal fans.


Thanks! I think I’ve got everything figured out now. For the moment anyway. Gotta get my soil mixed up tomorrow and hopefully finish the tent. This is going to be a fun hobby.