Ventilation and growing

@Countryboyjvd1971 sorry to bother you again country boy but I’ve got maybe 10 days before I think they go into flowering You’re darn near three weeks old now should I be installing my filter the carbon filter on my fan now also I only have a 190 CFM fan should I get a bigger fan and then 6 in filter with the fan what do you think the 190 will do and also can I tie my exhaust from my lights into my fan so I can keep everything cool or is that necessary again I apologize for all these questions just not sure of everything yet man I really do appreciate you guys’s help I apologize for inconveniencing you guys so much I’ll see if I can send some new pics

Depending on how big your tent is, multiple how many sq ft your floor space is then by height. I have 5sqft x 5’ high = 25 cubic feet. My 4" inline is close to 200 cubic feet a min. But filter kills some of the efficiency

Your filter is just going to control scent, so you can install it whenever you need to do that. Your fan will likely cover the minimum air exchange requirements, but there’s no guarantee it will keep your temps in range. There’s a lot of other variables to consider there. If you’re running an air cooled hood you should be able to pull through filter then light and exhaust, provided everything is sized properly.

Ya I switched the direction around so I could bring in cool air and then take it out rather than bringing air from the inside to the out.i was wondering if I can tie the vent from the lights into the exhaust fan going out ?

That’s what my tent is 5x5 x 6.5

As long as you’re taking out more air through the filter than you’re bringing in. Otherwise your filter would be useless. If you don’t maintain negative pressure you will push unfiltered air out through openings in tent.

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No all I’m doing is tying it in instead of buying a second carbon filter an exhausting in two ports I’ve already got are coming in there is a lot of negative pressure sucking my tent in big time right now just trying to avoid a second carbon filter

I personally run my carbon filter all the time
You should definitely start using it before flower

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Okay will do couple people told me I didn’t need to until I started to have the smell but all install my carbon filter thanks country boy

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