Filtering and ventilation

I know I need to use a filter with exhaust should I also add a fan for fresh air into the grow tent plus have one or two fans in the tent also

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In seedling and veg I used an intake fan only. I would run my exhaust in the event of high temps/humidity. Once I went to flower I used solely the exhaust fan and it will pull fresh air in through the tent vent. You can run both but make sure your intake isn’t more powerful than your exhaust. You want a negative pressure (tent sucking in on itself).

You also won’t need that filter until you start noticing the plants odor. Otherwise you’re just wasting the life of the filter when it’s not doing anything. You’ll want an interior fan to blow lightly on the plant to strengthen the branches.

So just run the exhaust fan without the filter on it until you smell the odor correct and then hook up the charcoal filter to it and I do have a 6-inch fan inside for blowing over the top of the plants when they get bigger laugh out loud start to grow hopefully bigger

Correct. All that filter does is scrub the odors. No odor, no need. This will also extend the life of the filter.

Awesome thanks for all you help haven’t done it for years just trying to figure it all out again and an old man like myself a lot of brain loss over the years it’ll come back hopefully but again thanks for all your help I really appreciate you guys

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Just remember to not just leave your intake vent open. Place some ducting with at least a 90* bend in it so you don’t get a light leak.

Oh good idea thanks never thought about that I have a 10 in cold air intake coming from the outside that I can take a duct work to the intake Port of the tent and it has a consistent flow of air I’m wondering if I still need to hook a fan up to that because it constantly has a light breeze coming in through that so I’m wondering if that would be sufficient are rather than trying to force feed the tent with a lot of volume on

As long as you have a large enough exhaust for the size of your tent (sides should suck in) to replace the air inside, you’ll be fine. If you’re pulling air from outside, I’d definitely use a filter on that side to prevent dust, bugs, etc from getting into your grow space. You can cut up a basic house filter for that.

Do I need to have a fan connected to my air-cooled lights as well as the fan for my intake side

If your light has a hood, you should be able to connect ducting to it and connect the ducting to your exhaust fan

The hood for the light is 6 in for the charcoal filter it’s for in so should I buy a separate fan 6 inch fan to exhaust the heat out of the air-cooled fan or the like opposed to my 4-inch fan for the filter

Will just a 6in inline fan work or do I have to get a fan that goes with the filter for which I have I 190 CFM fan to go with my filter so I’m wondering if I have to buy that expensive of a fan or just a 6in fan with the control for the adjustment of the fan on it

A 6 inch fan would be ideal. You could get a duct reducer like below and make it work for now. You won’t need the filter until shortly after flowering as the odor won’t be noticeable.

can anybody tell me I have a thousand watt digital ballast that has 400 w 600 watt and 1000 watt settings and super blooms on it and I have the 1000 watt MH and HPS with that ballast can I turn it down to 600 watts to keep my heat down even though I’ve got an air-cooled vent going it’s still a little hotter than it should be so wondering if I can use the lower settings with that same bulb

I’m going to refer you to @dbrn32 on lighting questions. I’m not too familiar with hps lights. What I have read, as long as you’re not putting a 400 or 600w bulb in that ballast (even when the ballast is reduced to 400 or 600w) you should be good to go. Essentially, only put a bulb in there that can handle the max watts of the ballast. You may lose efficiency dimming it but at what percentage, I don’t know. Dbrn32 will correct me where I’m wrong.

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Yes as long as you have a 1000 watt bulb on 1000 watt ballast you can turn it down. That’s pretty much what they’re designed to do. You can’t put a 600 watt bulb in it and run at 600 watts though.

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Alright thank you that’s what I figured cuz it was getting too hot on the thousand watt setting so turn the ballast down to 600 and now I’m averaging about 77.2 thank you

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Yeah I figured I turn it down I got it on the 600 watt setting and where is shining down to say floor canopy 12 in above it I’m running about 77.2 degrees so I should be pretty sufficient I think I can also turn down my exhaust fan I have on maybe medium setting

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I’m having a problem was keeping my humidity above 38 degrees going to be the easiest and best solution to get it around 50 or so

Relative humidity is shown in % and relationship of water vapor needed for saturation at temperature. It’s not a temperature itself.

The best way I’ve found to bring humidity up is to maintain desired rh in space that your intake air comes from. So if your tent is in a bedroom and receives it’s intake air from the bedroom, get a humidifier that will maintain in the bedroom.