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This is my second post within ILGM my first post received multiple helpful answers and I’m very thankful for that! I now have a second issue that is hanging me up. I want to correctly set my ventilation in my 4x8 grow tent. I will be using 2 air cooled hoods for vegging and flower, I have attached a picture that I have used for reference. Does this seem correct? I feel like this diagram is showing to many fans and also that the carbon filter Should be hung at the top of the tent. I’m also wondering about the heat leaving my tent through ducting, is there anyway I could cool the air that is coming from my tent through the ducting?

One the left is a draw fan from the outside of the tent. Ducting going through the lights and a push fan assisting.
I personally would run.
One ac infinity 6” drawing air to cool
The lights
One 6” ac infinity exhausting with a carbon filter at the TOP of the tent
One 6” ac infinity intake with carbon filter at the bottom of the tent.
I don’t k ow if these photos will help or not. The inside one draws out to a carbon filter for odor.
The outer one draws in with a filter for clean air in.
I run led so I’m not cooling my light
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@ThatoneAKguy I’m very glad you mentioned ac infinity, I’ve been trying to find answers everywhere for this product, is this fan also like an A/C? By that I mean does it blow cool air if needed? Also hot air if needed? Do they perform well?

Unfortunately no. It’s is however the quietest and smartest fan on the market. It has a probe and you can link two of them together. So if the temp hits say 79°f the exhaust fan will kick on until it gets to your set temperature. It will also vent at a certain set point for relative humidity known as rh and turn off at a set point. I have the tiniest little heaters in my tents, don’t get digital! Every time the power turns off you’ll have to reset it. I use an ink bird controller to kick the heater on as needed. It has its own probe.


There is another option for fans
Hyper fan
Reason I went with them over the AC infinity is the power drawer is less than 1/2 of what the infinity draws and as the fan is on 24/7 it adds up in electrical use/cost and total load on the breaker/s


I was told the ac fan was DC and Barly took electricity but no it dose not blow cold just gos faster as it gets hotter

The amp draw on infinity (8” size) was over 2.5 amps and the Hyper fan was 1 amp max. Bottom line is more than double power consumption and as it runs 24/7 makes a big difference in running costs and amp draw on breaker. The 6” fan comparison between the 2 brands are similar in power differences too. Less on hyper fan
The hyper fans are small and so come with a speed control and has an optional controller that keeps fan running all the time at from 35% up to 100% speed as minimum and has setting to auto adjust fan speed based on a set temp you decide. So fan with optional advanced Hysteria controls always runs at say 40% and ramps up or down to maintain your other setting at say 82 F
I love mine

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