Gorilla Glue flowering after only 4 weeks

I have 2 Gorilla Glues that after 4 weeks have already started to flower. They are 12" and 18" high respectively. I cut the middle stalk to get it to double the again those 2 to get 4 tops on both. Why are they already flowering. I want atleast 3 to 4 ft. tall first. Light is18hrs on 6 off. Help!!!

Autos do their own thing…

First, I don’t even grow indoor photos that tall. I don’t think most do either. @MrPeat likes monsters so he will grow them huge. ILGM describes its gorilla glue auto as compact. So something over 30" was probably very unlikely.
It is not uncommon for autos to start flowering at the 28 day mark. More typically it is 30 something but like oldmarine said They are on their own schedule. I did have one auto go 50 days but that is way out of normal.
If you want to have any control over flower time and size, you will need to grow photoperiod strains.
ILgm gorilla glue photo is described as tall.
Go ahead and LST the two new mains and get their flower nutrients going.

Ty so much for the info. I will stop buying autos. When you put 1k+ into your system 4 buds per plant is asinine. :joy:

That can happen. A couple of grows ago I grew four northern light photos. I have a 3x3 tent so I have to limit veg time and size in order for 4 plants to fit. Three were average producers for me at 4 oz per plant. However the 4th plant was just smaller. Same everything but it was just going to be small no matter what. It was produced only 2 oz. It had other high quality attributes but size and weight was not among them.
Overall I find photos to be more enjoyable to grow.
The biggest auto I have grown was 5.7oz. Most were in the 3 range