Gorilla Glue 8 weeks in veg ... now what?

Hey all! I am a first time grower. This was a surprise seed in my rocks, so I grew it, transplanted it, bought a tent and light and brought her in to grow. She is now 29 inches in my 58 inch tent. I also have a couple other seedlings and clones growing in the same tent. Please any advice to get the best yield! Branch supports? When do I turn to 12-12 for flower? What do I do with my other plants? Or can I put her back outside to finish?

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Difficult to see what’s going on under the blurple. You can flower her if you’d like. Outside will work.

If you can wait until late October to enjoy the fruits of your labor I would put the big girl outside and take advantage of the big bright light in the sky. If you don’t want to wait and start flowering it right away you will have to put the other ones outside or buy another grow tent, smallest one dedicated to growing, bigger one for flower. Did anyone mention that this hobby can get pricy? Just keep reminding yourself how much you’ll save not buying from someone else.

haha … it looks healthy and it’s growing like crazy. should I move it outside and let it go, or move my clones and seedlings out and switch it to 12-12? My clones are loving that environment so it’s hard to justify that but …

I can certainly wait. I was going to leave her out but neighbors got a little curious and she was smelling great. So put her outside or another tent is really the best thing to do?

Nosey neighbors can be a problem. If you put the plant outside it will get a lot bigger and harder to hide.

Another grow tent setup will be in your future I’m afraid.

If you go the route of another tent don’t buy a burple light. Find the recent thread on the “bluple buyers support group”.

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I’ll be putting a plant outside just to see what it will do. About the same size.

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