Good idea?....or am I just high?

Disclaimer no.1 - I wasnt sure where to post this, so I apologize if this is not in the correct section.
Disclaimer no.2 - My buddy came over today and just finished curing his most recent harvest. Which was strawberry cheesecake, sour diesel, and a shiva skunk. So needless to say…I’m feeling reeeeealy good. Lol​:exploding_head:. So just remember that when reading my most recent “great idea”. Lol. Anyway…I recently purchased the dirty dozen pack from fox farm. In that pack is “flowers kiss” a foliar spray. I made up a batch my first feeding and misted them as directed. Problem was…I mixed up a whole gallon and had a lot of waste. I have to ph down my water and it’s difficult to mix up less than a gallon and still try and ph down to desired ph level . So i was wondering if I could keep the extra until next feeding. But then, Almost like a light bulb going off…my humidify kicked on and began shooting vapor into my room. So my great idea is…what if I put my “flowers kiss” leftover solution in my humidifier. When it kicked on(inkbird controller) it would mist the room and leaves with a foliar mist. So any thoughts? Would it possibly change the ph as it sat in my humidifier? Is there something I’m not seeing? Not saying I’m ready to start doing this. I just got really high and my mind just started wondering . lol. Curious if anyone has tried this or thought about it. Would love to hear your guys feedback. The bottle recommend to not apply in full sun or under intense indoor lights. So when I use it I’ve been applying/misting the leaves minutes before the lights go out. so would there be an issue if the humidifier with the solution in it, kicked on while the lights were on? Hence…misting the leaves with the solution while under direct light. It obviously wouldn’t be large droplets like the ones from my spray bottle, but still just wondering. Sorry for rambling guys…I blame it on the weed. Lol​:exploding_head::partying_face:. Am I on to something? …or just really baked? :grin:

Might work, might clog it.

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When it’s not misting you’d have to keep the reservoir oxygenated and as @Covertgrower said the micron mesh filter on the end of the hose and the mister may get clogged.

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@Covertgrower @RandomlyRan good point. At least with my setup, I don’t see a way oxygenate the reservoir. I really don’t see myself attempting this. I just home alone on a Saturday night, enjoying some good herb and expanding the mind. Thought I’d bounce it off the group. Thanks for the inputs

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@Covertgrower. Happy birthday :partying_face:

I might be high reading this, but my thoughts are, I’m not nearly as high as you.


@NugFlush, I will go ahead and blame the blueberry for this. But if there was some way you could put a hole in the humidifier’s reservoir then you could an air pump to blow into one of those bubble stones for aquariums. I know there’s a fitting that goes on either side of the reservoir. It would just seal the hole without crushing the air tube. Technicalsmart guys needed here: @Covertgrower, @Cannabian, @Oldguy, and @PurpNGold74. If you guys don’t mind, you will have to scroll to the top to get the question and story. I am trying to help @NugFlush but I am not a smart man when blueberry is in my system. Thanks!!


THanks @patchman appreciate the insight and tags. Interesting thought about the air stone. I could probably do some “cannabis engineering” and figure out a way for an air line. I’m anxious to see if the growers you tagged has anything to add. Blueberry huh? Yummy!:grin:

You should be able to get an air pump, tubing, and the stone at just about any pet store or even wally mart. Did you know if you go online wal mart sells presses? I am not saying they are good or anything because I wouldn’t know. I just remember thinking “dayum.”

Forum cannaversary @NugFlush but thank you!

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@Covertgrower. Yea I seen it was three years that you’ve been a member. Thanks for your contributions to the group :+1:

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Walmart huh? Presses? Very interesting, lol. My buddy is getting ready to purchase one. Maybe I’ll tell him to check out wally world

I didn’t say it was a good press. I may look it up and tell you what brand it is, etc.

WalMart has added a bunch of “WEED” growing stuff in the last two years. There is money to be made and they want it.
You won’t see the items on shelves. Still lots of negative opinions about weed in general because of disgraced sick dick nixon’s very own “War on Drugs”…his successful attempt to harass and jail anti-war Americans and increase his chances of getting reelected.
NOT a good idea to mix up a large batch and keep it stored.
Best to mix ONE use quantities.

Sorry, but that’s just as bad as most of my bad ideas, lol. Just a personal preference, but I don’t ever foliar feed unless there’s a specific deficiency I’m trying to correct, and since I started using Advanced Nutrients instead of Fox Farm I have not had a single deficiency or any other kind of problem with my plants.
Again, just a personal preference, but foliar feeding increases the risk of WPM. I dealt with that once, and I never want to deal with it again.


@NugFlush the presses and pretty much everything else they have sticks. Surprise! @Cap_Ron say in his opinion that the humidifier for foliar feeding is a bad idea. I am abandoning ship on it now, because more experienced growers are saying its a bad idea. You can still do it if you want, but make sure you research it good before moving forward. Good luck man!

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Don’t get me started on dick Nixon. Lol. I hear ya about not storing extra. But I have 6 plants and it literally takes not even a cup,of water to mist them all. Even if I make half gallon I still have a lot left over. How do others address this with foliar sprays? It seems impossible to mix up a correct amount with correct nutes and ph in such a small batch. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the input. I never was really serious about it. Just high and creative . Trying to find a way to to be useful and not waste product. Even if it would work I’d have to do some creative engineering…all to save a few nickels. Just thought it would be interesting to see what others thought. Thanks for the input

@Cap_Ron. WPM?

@Cap_Ron. Nevermind…I figured it out. Thanks for the tip…and any future tips. It’s nice to have a good resource of growers to converse with. Thanks to all👍

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