Gold leaf, got a hermorphidite

I have (had) 5 Gold leaf feminized in my 5 x 5 tent, all growing strong and looking healthy. Yesterday, I removed them to eliminate small buds way under the canopy. They are at the 1st day of week 4. I saw what looked like dust on a leaf, and realized 1 of my plamts had a few male flowers:(. I pulled and destroyed the offender, but, I’m not sure if my remaining 4 got pollinated.
If so, what are the earliest signs, and would you continue to grow the 4 to harvest? Would seedy Gold Leaf still be decent?

Week 4 of flower, 9 - 10 week variety.

Look for hairs to turn red prematurely and stay pretty stringy. They don’t really curl back in much if pollinated.

Any chance you are using an ultrasonic humidifier with non distilled water? This can leave dust on everything.

No, I’m sure it was pollen, yellowish powder directly below a pollen sac.
Would the collective opinion be to destroy these plants, or take them to harvest? My mentor, who has grown for 40 years, says it’s not worth the effort, what say you?

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No, and there is already damage done. You are gonna need to clean your tent, fans, and any other equipment inside your tent, plus the room your tent is in. I recommend h202 for the job also. The pollen that you can see is dwarfed like earth is by the sun from the amount of pollen actually floating around and landing on everything. It has the potential to pollenate your current and any future grows.

Once a plant is polinated they stop giving energy to trichome prouduction. It all gets diverted to seed making. Your buds will look ok till you go to break em up…seed city! Sinsemilla or bust!

Be careful about disposal too, you dont want to polinate anyones outdoor grow in your neighborhood.

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