Is this a Boy Gold Leaf?

Just came home from vacation to find my Gold Leaf 7’ tall and starting to flower. One of them looks to be a male but in my 10 years of growing feminized plants, I have never seen a male. I need another opinion.

Congratulations! :grimacing: Its a boy. It may already be releasing pollen.

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Yeah you’ve definitely seen a male now. Be careful with that time bomb

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It’s got balls, male for sure. Slide a large bag over it and cut. Just in case you don’t want the pollen to spread to your plants or anyone else’s.

It may have pollinated your other plants so keep an eye out, and definitely carefully bag as i said before and tie it up and throw away

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Where i make it has released go thing if you have different strain going

Thats not a boy thats a full grown man…:rofl:its time to kick him out the house

That for sure spread pollen. My condolences.

Well look at the brightside if it did pollinate your girls you can start a seed bank…i mean at $100 for 3 seeds :wink:


Those are ripe and busted open! Your going to have alot of seeds! I just culled 3 males out of my grow space last week! They appeared at the end of the first week after switching to flower…

But all joke aside, when i found my first male i collected the he was Hawaiian and married one of my northern lights got the offspring and named them “da big kahuna”


Thanks for the confirmations. It’s been cut and bagged. I’ll see what the results are with the other 4 Gold Leaf as well as the 4 Grandaddy Purple Autoflowers that are almost ready to harvest.


this would have ruined my vacation :frowning: