Go organic where to start

I been looking at going organic I grow in coco and I use the canna range but I have been using microze don’t know how to spell it but all the good stuff adding amino acids I have some organic additives like molasses also but am I just wasting the good stuff because I’m washing it away when feeding to run off with synthetic nutes as every thing is already broken down and the good stuff isn’t feeding of the molecules then braking them down to give to the plants do I need to rethink it all and go with more organic feeds altogether

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I use supersoil for organic growing. I use the old version with great results. There is an updated supersoil that includes mycorrhizae. I haven’t used it yet but am headed in that direction. It can be a bit costly but in a small batch you should have enough for five or more plants.
I had a guy here kind of dis me about growing organic. He said using synthetic fertilizers make bud more potent. Must be he hasn’t smoke good organically grown weed because mine is as good as any I’ve smoked.


Also supersoil is great for pulling out the colors from plants.

Ok yeah it’s a balancing act I would.lile to be able to grow with the pro’s of feeding what the plant want every feed but have all the good stuff going on down at the root zone that makes for healthy strong plants

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Purple Kush grown with supersoil.

I still test the runoff from the plants to see where they are at. It starts high like 900 to 1000 ppm. This one is down to 450 ppm. I might have to feed her soon if it continues to drop. I need to buy some organic nutes just in case I need them. I have open Sesame, Beastie blooms and Cha ching. I will use this because it’s on hand and plan for organic nutes for next grow. All a work in progress and I’m learning as I go.

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looking good there I post some pics later I can’t get into mine for another 4 hrs wen lights go on I had loads of nutes left over so went with them but started going with all enzymes amino acids michrorize and good stuff but I’m in coco so I have to add nutes every feed it’s expensive game this hobby but like I said going to go with more organic feeds when I need to replace them I still have plenty to keep me going through this crop but will convert over completely I think in the end, mother nature seems to have got it dailed it well over the 4.5 million or so years

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Just plain old organic soil for me. I put my money into the supersoil. I haven’t used any other medium so I have no basis for comparison. I’m happy with my results this far and have no reason to change what I’m doing.
Chemical fertilizers and organic are widely over used. It makes no sense to me to flush a plant having all that run off going down the drain to cause harm to our environment. I’m trying to get it dialed in so at the end most of the fertilizer is used up. I’ll also be watering at 7.5 to 8 ph at the end to cause nute lockout. That will null and void having the flush and brings out some beautiful colors.

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yeah I seen this where people up the ph for lock out at the end prints out all the purples and deep browns and blues it to do with plant not getting iron and copper and all the trace elements, as for liquid nutes organic or synthetic they 75% water anyways this wot got me thinking why I paying so much for water there is a company in the states npk industries that sell every thing plants need in a powder form you mix a teaspoon up of what you need when your plant needs it we can’t get it in the UK yet but it looks really good and last for a long time, look for Dr Harley Smith I think it is he works for npk university he gives good lectures on how to use it

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No-Till Gardening might be up your alley. Been growing this way for over a year at this point.

Potency and plant health are off the charts. Yield numbers might slightly favor hydro, but I’ll never trade quality for quantity of any kind.

  • Build great soil and never replace it.
  • Feed your soil life from the grocery store, not the hydro store.

If you’re interested, here’s a link: No Till Thread
Lots more if you search “No Till Gardening” on google

Best of luck. Lots of ways to skin this cat well.


Ive found my heaven with biobizz line. Soil and nutes. Now i can really understand what and how can i do with them. After year with them. :grin:
But yoire not soil…

Ok yeah I understand the idea of regenerating you media this can be achieved with coco and this is what I’m trying to get to where you feed the living organism living in media that feeds the plant they have a symbolic relationship with each other and will help each other to thrive like in mother nature

Have you read into worm castings? Organic, high in bioavailable nutrients, doesn’t cause nutrient burn, and you can make it yourself for free (with a nominal up front cost to purchase the worms).

I’m a first time grower but I think she’s looking great. About 35% worm castings, 35% peat moss, 30% perlite to start, and I’ve been top dressing with more castings about every other week.! This is four weeks into flower: 20190115_192910|281x500

yeah worm castings I will give a try when I do my next run also Beatle crap to