Gnats and Peroxide

Hi all, we have a question from one of our customers and hoped you could help out!

I seem to have a little problem with gnats. If this peroxide treatment does not work, I will b in the market 4 your bug blaster system.
I was curious about the amount of peroxide to pit in water.
U say “a mixture of 3% peroxide & water.” but it also says "a 4/1 mixture. So which is it?

Lol it is both the peroxide you need is 3% that is just how much is in the mix they bottle up . Then YOU cut that further at a 4 to 1 ratio . Hope this helps good luck . Also sprinkle a little bit of food grade diatomaceous earth on the top of your soil and put a oscillating fan where it blows right accross the soil you should see a big difference in a day or so