Give marijuana plants final THC boost

Are any of these techniques capable of giving the glands a final boost of oil?

• Boiling roots right after the harvest
• Breaking limbs when the marijuana plant matures and letting it stay somewhat attached two days prior to harvest
• Allowing extreme drought during the final week
• Producing inconsistent light cycles during the final week

THC is created at the gland on the exterior of the leaf cell instead of in the sap or any other location on the marijuana plant. So it’s not very likely that boiling the roots will have any effect on the plant’s potency.

If you snap the stem at maturity, the plant will not receive a full flow of water and nutrients and will start to wilt partially. This can allegedly increase THC production, but, in my opinion, that’s just not true. The marijuana plant’s wilt and the light produce a gradual decline in the potency of the cannabinoids.

Dry soil that doesn’t produce a wilt in the plant could increase THC concentrations in the final few days prior to flowering. Extreme drought, however, will limit the plant’s energy and the amount of photosynthesis that’s actually occurring. The final spurt of glandular production will be constricted due to the lack of energy.

Erratic or inconsistent light cycles during the final week of flowering would not affect the production of THC. A good way to increase THC levels is to harvest the plants right after you turn on the lights. Allowing the marijuana plants to sit in complete darkness for the previous 24 hours before harvesting will increase the THC concentration a little bit.