Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower discussion

I’m going to water with 1TBSP of unsulfered black strap molasses per gallon tomorrow.
Giving each plant 1/4-1/2 a gallon of water every 2-3 days.
I have a meter that tells me if soil is dry as well as soil PH.
PH of soil is 6.8 on both plants.

Can’t really see anything with the purple lighting.

Yeah, she looks kind of unhappy to me. How hot is it up there at the height she is reaching to? Have you checked DLI on them? Does she need bigger but less frequent drinks? (Soil should dry pretty completely before re-watering, then you can give a really big drink and let her dry again.) When you lift the pots it should feel VERY light before watering again.

I’m thinking she’s getting too much light or heat.

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I don’t know what “DLI” means.
Also, how much water should I give a flowering plant in a 3 gallon pot when it is completely dry? Should I give a whole gallon of water?
FYI I always wait until they’re light to pick up and feel dry to my finger. I water with filtered de-chlorinated water at a PH of 6.3-6.8

I’ll take another one with lights off and camera flash.

A three gallon pot will hold b/t 1/2 and 1 gallon of water depending on how dry it is. I used coco last grow, and I was surprised at how much water would go in before running off, and how heavy the pot was when watered. Even with soil, you should try for a bit of runoff when you water.

DLI is a way to measure the amount of light your plants are getting. DLI chart and thread This post talks about it but it’s long. The main gist is the chart, and that you can get an app for your phone (i-phone or android) that allows you to measure light. It’s called Photone. I have the free version, and the sunlight setting was found to be the most accurate for indoor growers.

I was accidentally hammering my clones which I was holding in a small tent and one of them got weird top leaves. The tall one is getting more intense light to the top than the smaller one, so she may be getting too much.

And of course, it may be hot up there.



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I’d say yes, to close to the lights.

If your doing organic you want that ph to be between 6 and 7. and only need to water 5 to 10% of the pots volume at a time with no run off at all. That’s if your doing organic.

I’m using Organic Living Soil made up of “FF Ocean Forest with Natures Living Soil for autos” mixed in.
No nutes Water only (filtered/dechlorinated) at ph6.3-6.8
I’m going to try adding unfiltered blackstrap molasses tomorrow morning. The plants still have a bit of weight.

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You don’t need a lot of the molasses, you can use up to a tablespoon per gallon of water. I use a teaspoon. And once a week. That stuff if overused can throw you pH off. You soils pH range should not be confused with inert medias pH range. Inert media like Coco has a lower pH range than organic soil. Here is the “soil” pH range that cannabis grows best at.

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Here are better pics. Lower leaves are peeking up. Leaves on tops of colas are shrinking and dropping.

@TroubleMan your girl is ‘clawing’ real hard. You feeding N still?

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No I haven’t given any nutes since second week of veg. Bc I’m using living soil. But I let them dry out and watered (dechlorinated PH6.5)with molasses today and she’s bouncing back!
What usually causes the clawing?

See a lot of them are starting to re-flatten and perk back up.

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You can actually see where the leaves are filling out from before. Crazy

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Actually I might be trippin lol. She only looks 0.05% better now that I compare to the earlier pics

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@TroubleMan keep working her through it. She can recover.

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Still hard to tell with that purple lighting. It’s either to many nutes or your over watering. I wish you the best of luck man, it’s weed so it’ll take a beating and still keep going…

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I see from others Girl Scout Cookies Extreme pics that the leaves eventually change to a lighter green and purplish color.

What week of flower does that start to happen usually?