My First Grow. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower

Hello Everyone,

I have been a lurker for awhile now. I started my journey about a month ago. The plant on the right (The bushy one) broke soil on the 1st of Febuary, the second one about 2 weeks later.

The first plant I grew in a mix of Ocean Forest on the bottom half of the pot and the The top half Happy Frog. With about 25 percent or some perlite. This plant I did not do anything but a little low stress training and a bit of pruning.

The second plant I did about the same but instead i put in some peetmoss in the middle solo cup of the pot i put the seed in. This plant i did top, but that is it so far.

I have not yet feed either any nutrients.

I do my best to get the PH at about 6.2, but I have just one of those amazon yellow PH meters so who knows how accurate that is.

My question is how do they look? The look completely different to me like it would be two different strains but they should not be.

I did have a little issue with mites but a little bit of DE on the soil seems to have taken care of that.

Assuming they do look okay, when would you suggest feeding them, Also does any have any suggestions for a n00b like myself?

I look forward to any help you wonderful people can offer this guy, and I hope to get as good at this as you all have.



Oh I forgot the light I am using is a Mars Hydro TS1000, I started with the TS600 but I didn’t like that without having a dimmer so I “upgraded”, I got a mini 16x16 inch i am thinking to do something with the old light :smiley:

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Welcome to forum Guesstimate
Girl scout cookies extreme…Nice :drooling_face:

It’s a pretty interesting side by side comparison grow you’ve got here. I’d imagine some of the differences you’re seeing between the 2 could be a result of the differences in medium and training but could also just be pheno differences like with people. Not very often do our kids look the same either. GSC is a great smoke, it was my first ILGM grow also.

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I as thinking maybe a bit of the lights too, i dunno that was also a change.


I’m growing the exact strain right now. I’m a few weeks behind you but mine are completely different sizes too.

What does anyone think about what this could be? its only on the newer plant, the older one seems to be doing great… knock on wood…

after more looking this thing is definitely sick, but i don’t even know where to start.

My guess is overwatering

Hello everyone, so the sick plant just looks like it is going to stay sick but the one that was healthy i dunno it is starting to show some bad signed, any help would be appreciated this is a little over 6 weeks from sprout.

can someone give their opinion? does this look done? any help is very much appreciated.