Anybody have pictures of their Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto?

I don’t see many people here mention this particular strain. I would love to see pictures of your plants so I can compare to mine and see what the general growing traits are of this strain. Mine is currently at 37 days above soil and about 2 weeks of flowering.Thanks.


Check these pics out love this strain

When yours started they were much more compact and bushy than mine. My node spacing is around 3". Is that about what yours is? I do think my plant is looking similar to yours as it progresses. It is currently at 25" tall. I hope it ends up as good as yours. And I’ll be curious to see what your yield is per plant.

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This is my girls I planted at the end of February I got the seeds from ilgm. Great genetics I don’t use anybody else


Outdoors sucks
Same batch of seeds
GSCE autos