Extreme Girl Scout cookie auto flower

Ok so this is my first time growing auto flower. I think it’s doing good. Been about 5 weeks.


Looks good your a week ahead of me.

@sierrafoxxtrott. You going to do any training?

Explain how to train it. I trimmed the bottom small limbs, but wasn’t going to do anything else. Thank you

Autos grow quick so the window is small, but i do lst on my autos. Can make a real diffrence.

Look at some topics on youtube:

Low stress training

Also fimming and topping but i dont reccomend for autos.

Ok I will do that.

Ok updated photos. They are looking good. So I have a question. Do you harvest like with regular growing weed? After leaves start turning yellow and following trichome color. The little ones are my last seeds for this.


All plants look super young still…
Let them grow , you are nowhere close to harvesting… :+1::wink:

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I’m doing an indoor grow of it and my week five from seed looks like this