Germinating Seeds in Rapid Rooters

I put a couple of seeds in rapid rooter and I put them in my grow tent under my grow light will that be ok until it sprouts or should I left them in the dark until they sprouted?

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I’ve put seeds (not sprouted) in rapid roots several times & it worked great. Pinch off a small piece of the rooter from the bottom & put it over the seed to keep out light. But lately I soak them till they pop & then in the rooter.

I did do that. But I just want to make sure I was not putting them under a light would keep them from sprouting. Also what size of pot do you use when its time to transplant

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I do hydro so it’s right into the hydroclay, it’s forever home.

Can you just let the seedling keep growing in the rapid rooter when its at like a clone size?

I wait till the roots are looking good & then plant it. Oh yeah don’t let the roots out in the light they like it dark.

I do have them covered. Ok I will wait until the roots are really good on them. Also do you put any nutrients on them or just ph water

Are you talking about the roots coming through the rapid rooter? So what I need to have the pot that the seedling is in needs to be able not to show the roots to the light

I use my rapid rooters along with a heat mat that I have set at 25°c. My light is on 24/7 and so far I have 100% success rate with 15 seeds. I have one possible non starter but that looks like a duff seed as I have others germinating around them. That’s no soak just straight out the bag and into moist compost about 1/4" down. Germination is around 2 days so far.

Well I just want to know to I need to give them nutrients

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I wait till they have true leaves starting and then extremely light on the nutes. Just water & not too much just moist & no lights on the roots

Ok no lights are on the roots at least I hope not. I will just give them ph balanced water.

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What are you transplanting in to

Well I have no idea what you are talking about. But the day I transplant my plants I will transplant them in 3 gal fabric pot

When you transplant into their forever home what do you intend to use. Compost, coco that sort of thing.

Oh ok sorry I use ocean forest from fox farms

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No experience with that but I believe it is fairly well balanced so you shouldn’t need to feed for a few weeks. @kellydans do you use fox farms ocean forest

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Yes I do. I use the fertilizer to along with the soil

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I use Ocean forest soil, you will not need to feed for maybe five or six weeks . If your growing autos it will carry you up to flowering stage. Photos with longer veg time. You’ll be feeding a little before flowering . Watch the plants. I use a little cal mag along the way. Also when you get to the point you’re watering to runoff follow up my checking PPM.

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I am so new at this. I did clones last year and just got it harvested and curing now. First time going with the seed. Cal mag when do you want to use that or when do I want to put calmag in it. I am giving some nutes on the one I have sprouted already. Waiting for the other 2 to sprout. Any help with this grow will be appreciated

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