GDP feminized seeds grew seeds!

This isn’t just Seedy it’s not a strain I’d recommend for high THC content

@Esbliss, I have had feminized plants turn on me. They were photos and they turned because I messed with them trimming leaves too often. Now I trim 20%-30-% of fan leaves every 3 weeks.

Best suggestion so far for what I need. Thxz

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That’s too bad. You’re right earlier, resources like space, time, and money are too scarce to spend on something you aren’t feeling good about and won’t give you what you want. Edibles or concentrates of whatever sort do sound like a good plan!

Back in the day when there was at least 1/2z of seeds in a pound, I’d use a strainer to separate them out. It was a bit painstaking, like trimming is for me now :slight_smile: but if you just have one big deseeding party, you’ll have it done. I’m sure folk on here have better suggestions!

I had a durban poison plant go hermie on me a few years ago. I made hash with the harvest.