Seeds in feminized marijuana bud

A question from a fellow grower:

I am in the flowering stage of my second grow. I am noticing that my plants have a lot of seeds is this normal? Our first grow was 3 blueberry strains in soil. and for our second grow, 1 White Widow and 1 Humboldt blue dream. Started out in hydro but transferred to soil mid veg. Both plants are in the mid to late flowering stage and just like our blueberry plants, there are many seeds forming. Is this normal or is could it be something we are doing? Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

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It is possible that you stressed the plant into soil from hydro. They do not like that much, in my experience. Many other factors could have helped this along.

Keep in mind Feminized seeds are from hermaphrodite plants. If you do not take proper care of them, they are subject to Hermie, and produce seeds. Those seeds by nature will be feminized.

Humblodt Blue Dream Kera White widow both Feminized
Indoor grow tent 2x3x5 for 3 plants
plants are in organic soil and in 5 gallon smart pots
PH 6.5 for watering and feeding
Around 1.2 EC
no lower than 65 degrees in the dark and we keep it at 75 degrees during daylight.
Humidity is very low because it is winter and its hard to keep any moisture. 30-40% humidity
We have an 300 WATT Led growing light and 3 to 4 CFL light, 2 are 42W 2000K and 2 are 23W 2000k
The plants did go thru a lot of stress when they were in hydro in the beginging and to salvage the plant we switched back to a really good soil that has no added nutrients, just peat moss and such.
Our first grow had a lot of seeds as well and they were in soil the whole time. they did get stressed because I had a bad fungus Knat problem but we were able to eliminate them…
Besides the seed problem, my buds aren’t getting that big… we LST during vegging and pruned the plant to make 2 heads or more in hopes of getting bigger buds but its not working. All factors seem to growing healthy plants but we want less seeds and bigger buds… Any suggestions?
Also we have added the nutrients based on the GH Micro, Grow and Bloom Scheduled and a few additives like Bat Guano and molasses containing additives. Should we add a Flower booster or do these strains not grow big buds?

Sorry for the late reply, but the forum has been down.

OK. 1st thing. once a plant produces seeds; It is using it’s energy to do so, and does not provide much in the way of THC or size.

2nd. pruning a lot slows down the plant due to the stress of having to try and heal itself; Not to mention that the leaf system is the heart and sole of the plant and should not be chopped up.

You are adding minerals twice by adding Bat Guano, and other additives to GH 3 part. That is part of your problem. And molasses is just going to bring more bugs! :frowning:

Learn to grow an entire grow with just the 3 part which can be manipulated to provide everything that extra additives add. If you get my drift.