GDP Auto- To Keep or Kill?

Hello ILGM community. First post from a first time grower. I often over summarize this, so I’ll try to keep it short. Worried my Auto GDP are worth keeping. Purchased seeds and nutes from ILGM.

Water Germination, planted directly to 5 gal fabric pots (FFHF w/ 20% perlite) and placed under light. The first two that I planted sprouted on 6/23 (with light on at 12/12 (Mistake 1). Swapped over to 18/6 about three days in. Researched, notice slow growth and stretching stems and bought more lights. Also Bought some FFOF to cover up some of the stem length a bit.

Mistake 2 was ordering cheap lights from Amazon like in the below link. First link I had going for about two weeks before swapping over to the lights in the second link.

1st Light-Amazon-Don’t Laugh

2nd Lights-Amazon-600W Burple

Did more research, discover both sets were trash. FINAL purchase, order shipped and put my babies under my these, on 7/17

3rd Light-Amazon-2000W Spider Farm

I have 4 now in under this light and they are growing twenty times faster that other lights. 2 ft from plant at full brightness. Growing in my shed (limited space) with lights 18/6. Looking online at other autos that are 5+ weeks old are significantly more progressed and I attribute that on me for being cheap with light.

Which brings me to a couple of question. First is, are that salvageable at this point. They are picking up the pace quite well with new light, but is it worth it or maybe toss and start some anew with another set of GDP Auto?

Second, I’m confused at to what to feed my plants with the growth change. Are they still considered Seedlings at this point, or veg? Currently still feeding ALL of them the Seedling feed that I purchased from the ILGM store. Mixing the 1/2 tsp with 1 gal of 6.5 ph tap water. Is it ok to a switch over to Growtime Nute feeding for at least the plant #1?

Pics took today after watering. Apologies that this is all a bit long winded, but any advice would be appreciate.

Thanks, and happy growing community!


I never toss anything. Once they are alive I let em go!
I have an outdoor plant that never moved, for 2 months it did nothing, all of a sudden, she’s up to my waist.
I find those autos to be fickle. I’d much rather start some regular seeds or feminized seeds from time to time.
I just started a blackberry moon rock that I could only get in the feminized version.
Whatever you choose to do, have fun and do the puff, puff, pass.
Take care


They all look great man, let them live and use them to learn :muscle::muscle:


Why kill them they look healthy


welcome @BuzzedLightyear420

All your girls look healthy at this point.

They can all be considered “early veg stage” as far as nutes go.

Be careful and keep an eye on them for signs of too much or too little. They will “tell” you what they need and there are plenty of people here to help “interpret” what they are saying.


They are good let em grow


I think it’s important to stop comparing your plants to other peeps plants. Here or anywhere else really. Plants are like people, when they are knee high to a grasshopper you have no idea how they will end up. Fat, thin, tall, short when they are only two weeks old, how can you presume to know? Other factors outside of strain name play a roll in how it’s gonna look. Quit judging your book based on someone else’s text.


Thank you to EVERYONE for all the replies. Woke up to see the advice from everyone and made my day!

I feel the same, they do look rather healthy, but wanted to be for certain they are ok to keep growing because I started them off with supppper low wattage lights for first few weeks.
The reason I asked if I should kill and start anew is due to the 4 plant per household limitation set in place by my state. I started another 2 GDP autos in case these don’t work out. Probably keep the first 4 and pass the other 2 along to a friend!

You all ROCK! Thanks for the tips and guidance!


Thanks friend! Do you think it’s ok to swap over to the Growtime Fertilizer since it’s consider Pre Veg state? Or stick with the Seedling Fert for a bit longer?


I’m pretty sure the law on that matter is more of just a serving suggestion, you know, 4 plants per household… unless you get some real beauties growing, then in that case, 6 or 7 are ok

I am well versed on these things so you can take that to the bank

None of that is factual so please don’t listen to me


I would start the veg nutes at a lower dose and increase until they just start showing signs of over fertilization. ie: brown tips on leaf.


There used to be an MMORPG called “GOODGAME GALAXY”. My username in it was the same as yours in here minus the 420. LOL :rocket: :flying_saucer: :ringer_planet: :milky_way: @BuzzedLightyear420


I’d let em grow! Never know what ya gonna get! They’ll take off. Just keep nutes LOW.


Lol if I did not have nosey neighbors in my apartment, I would probably keep all 6, but hate to deal with the law over something as silly as 2 extra plants. And will start swapping over to Growtime Fert with half recommended dose on the next water feed. You all are my hero’s and thank you so much for the love and support!

Will post updates if things go crazy and drop some progress pics every now and then if that’s fine. Or should I start a separate thread for progression updates.


Best to continue with this thread for everything related to this grow. :wink:

Every now and then is unacceptable! Post with the frequency of any proud new parent as in twice a day or more. LOL We LOVE pics. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:


I have a 3" tall outside auto at almost 3 1/2 weeks from sprout. I have an 8" tall inside auto at 17 days from sprout. Both GSCE from the same batch. Just let them go, they are nice looking girls.


That’s a bet man! At work right now, but will post some more when I clock out! Checked on them during break and still growing strong as ever. Back at 5 PM (EST) with pics and brief update!

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That’s solid advice right there. Newbies will read, learn and be inspired by your journal. You could be solely responsible for some poor 1st time growers stress relief.


@HMGRWN I most definitely will do. Also working on how to direct reply to a comment, so it’ll show the message I’m replying to. Lol you would think someone in working IT would know how to do that, but here were are. :sweat_smile:

About to medicate and then posting the pics for today!


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