I am having an issue with PPM readings. My plants started to show Nutrient burn on 4/29 nothing major just slightly yellow tips on new growth. On 4/30 I hand watered both plants with 1 gal to each plant of 6.2PH2O, Run off was PH=6.5 & PPM=2500 of the chart!! Now according to my paper journal I was to make a soil slurry at this time, BUT you know how we do…So on 5/5 plants are dry and still showing signs of nutrient burn, on tips of new growth. I proceeded with flush using the dunk method and FF Sledge hammer. Run off= PH=6.2 PPM=1100 (???) 5/6 Plants looked good they were drinking, and nutrient burn looked much better. 5/8 I feed, they are hungry but not starving, (always read the plant it will tell you) Feed is as follows 1gal of drinking water PH=6.0 PPM=9 1tsp-Raw Silica, 1tsp Cal-Mag, 11/2tsp FF Big Bloom, 1tsp FF Grow Big, 1/2 tsp FF Tiger Bloom. PH=6.2 I did not measure the PPM. I Feed each plant 3 cups each of nutrient solution. 5/9 Again showing signs of nutrient burn. I watering them with PH6.2-6.5 water. Failed to measure runoff. 5/12 The nutrient burns on new growth are looking good although still slightly present on new growth… So again I just use PH balanced water 8-10cups each. PPM=608 PH=6.5. OK looking good. 5/13 Overall plants are looking good, still small tips of yellow, soil is dry I water again with PH balanced water 8cups each PH=6.4 PPM=1783 5/15 Same results high PPM. PH=6.4 PPM=1443. Now keep in mind my plants this whole time look healthy. Here is the set up.
VPD=0.8-1.2 consistent for the most part
ppl=Unknow, On order.
AT=70-75 degrees
4X4 AC-IONBEAN Full Spectrum 500W 18-20" away from canopy.
5-gal Fabric Pots (x2) Pineapple express & Fat B Feminized seeds, Photoperiod.
LST-Well best I could, let it get away from me…
Happy Frog Soil
Fox Farm Trio & Sledge hammer
Raw Silica
Recharge-Used early in VEG stage-

NOTE: I am using Well Water before water softener and after Sediment filter, PPM=400 PH=7.2 I always PH down with FF. I am subtracting the 400 PPM off of the total Run off water as it exists before I add to medium. And as you can see I am still getting high numbers. ( I am going to get Distilled water today)

NOTE: Both Plants VEG=6weeks, Flipped 12/12 on 5/10 In first week.

Again over all the leaf are a good green and stem systems look heathy, just can not figure out how the PPM went down on 5/12 and since then it is high? With only giving them PH2O I have not gave them any nutrients since 5/8 and they look good???

What more information do you need from me at this time?
Should I be alarmed?
Should I feed?
Should I perform another Sledgehammer flush when they dry out?

I have not grown in twenty years, am I missing something here?
Thank You!

You water them every day?
Pictures of the plants will help
Looking at all the dates that you say you’re watering and or feeding 5 gallon pots it seems to me like you’re severely overwatering them. (This will give you the yellow leaves)


This is because you’re not supposed to subtract the number. That 400 ppms count towards your total feed never subtract that number to your water’s PPM


Not a very good idea. I would never feed the plant if you don’t know what ppm’s you’re feeding them at.


I knew that was coming, OK stay tuned I will provide pictures…

Also provide me with your last run off numbers PPM and pH

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Run off=PH=6.3 PPM 1843

From what I understand we’re talking about two different plants correct?

Thank you for the pictures and you’ve listed one set of runoff numbers. Are you only having issues with one plant or both plants?

Are you water/feeding them pretty much every day?

Correct, two plants, let me start over
P#1 PH 6.3 PPM 1843
P#2 PH 6.4 PPM 2200
I only water when the soil is dry and pot is light, leaves will sag with no drooping. Last time I feed them was on 5/7, prior to that day I was only feeding once a week.

What’s the issue Growmie, plants look healthy…slightly darker than norm. Lay off a feeding or 2. You’re in great hands with @Lostgirl :love_you_gesture:


Yes agreed with OG. I was expecting to see some pretty rough girls. Those are byoots in my book. Get those numbers in line and let her do her thing.


You need to get your ppms down to 1,000 before you feed again. (That could take one to two waterings w/H20 only)

I agree with the other two guys you’re plant looks fine. Just be sure you’re letting your plants dry out. A dry day is an important factor as it allows oxygen through the roots.

Next time you feed them, go a little lite on your feed. But definitely don’t feed until your ppms drop to 1,000 or below

You definitely need to get into a habit of checking your PPM total feed numbers as well and documenting them. Your runoff is always going to dictate what your next feed will be


Right On! That is what I was thinking that they looked healthy, cool I will just stick to the -PH2O. To confirm I am looking for a target PPM of 750-950 in flowering weeks 1-4 correct? Been a long time since I had a grow. Will keep you posted, on the next runoff. Thank you everyone!

With photos that size I would try to keep a runoff between 900 to 1050ppms


Welcome to the community !


Flowers are coming in clean, plants still look healthy. Here are readings from my paper journal.
P#1-PH2o=6.29 PPM=140 us/cm=280 PPL-On Order
P#1- PH2o=6.61 PPM=1843 us/cm=3400 (Run Off)
P#2-PH=6.5 ppm=334 us/cm= 690
P#2-Ph=6.6 ppm=1690 us/cm=3560 (Run-Off)
P#1-PH=6.18 PPM=37 us/cm=75
P#1-PH=6.55 PPM=1280 us/cm=2540 (Run Off)
P#2-PH=6.18 ppm=37 us/cm 75
P#2-PH=6.55 ppm=1250 us/cm=2550 (Run Off)

As far as I can tell they are eating, looking a little thirsty today, leaves are slightly saggy and soil is still damp. Going to water tomorrow if dry and see if I am in specs to feed again. Both plants still showing minimal signs of nutes burn. Any thoughts as to why they are eating so slowly? Does the Happy Frog Soil have anything to do with this? From what I can read on the label it is a blank soil. Thanks, Make it a great day today!!

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Happy frog will carry The plants about 4 maybe 5 weeks Then you will need to start feeding. I have had ocean forest Carry the plants up to flowering stage. I’m old school I don’t get too cought up in chasing numbers. Watch your plants They will tell you what they need.
Happy growing :v:


You might also want to look at an R/O system in future. That would give you much more control over your plants’ nutrient load.

Nice setup and pretty plants! @Lostgirl has you covered.

I would also lower lights for better canopy penetration, assuming full coverage.


I’m at the Chinese carryout joint. I’ll hit you up when I get home and eat.

You got a picture from today on both the girls?

Also, refresh my memory when time to feed what nutrients do you have?

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