Gaia watering and run off

When using Gaia green and Gaia flower in soil growing auto-flower should I also apply the water run off about 20%. Each watering

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If you are establishing a wet/dry cycle then yes i would water till runoff

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I wouldn’t suggest watering to runoff with organic nutrients. The idea of runoff is mostly for salt based synthetic nutrients to prevent build up by rinsing a small amount of the previous feedings out each time you feed again.

With organic nutrients, you’re counting on them lasting long enough to break down into usable forms for the plants to take up. You don’t want to be rinsing it out of the pots.


Better to water less amount but more often with organic nutrients.


Thanks very much

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I do not water to runoff with Gaia, it can leach minerals out and cause problems with ph. With organics you don’t need to soak the soil or let the soil completely dry. Just a middle of the road.

If you have any questions regarding gaia feel free to tag me, iv been using it for awhile now.


what rate of feeding do you use with Gaia Green, 1tbsp per gallon of medium?

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I start seedling in 3 tablespoons for 5 gallons, early flower 1 tablespoon gallon. Mid flower same as early.

Any updates on the grow?

I do 5 tablesoops of 4-4-4 and 5 tablespoons 2-8-4 when in preflower then when in full flower i feed again with 7 tablespoons 2-8-4 and 3 tablespoons of 4-4-4 that is all i use with 50/50 mix of happyfrog and ocean forest then just plain ph tap water. Have tired living soils but i do better this way.

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Wow you get away with that much? That’s impressive, I’m intrigued with your style, I do use living soil which could be some of my problem but if I ran that much I burn pretty heavy. You’re running photos tho?

No i double the amount for photos that is what i use for autos but i don’t use gaia green i use dr earths 4-4-4 and 420 recipe 2-8-4

First plant is auto and the other 3 are photos

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Interesting! Iv never tried to push that hard, iv always had better results with less.

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Forgot to mention i use 10 gallon fabric pots so would use half that for 5 gallon pots

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Hey. I do have some questions and posted and only got two responses both varied so not sure.

I am running autos in a 50/50 mix of FFOF and FFHF then about 15-20% perlite. This is my first run using Gaia. I bout the 444 and 248.

I realize it take about two weeks to start feeding the soil. So when should I start using and how much and when do I stop using??

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Follow the feeding schedule. There must be one right? I believe its 3 tbsp per gallon but that is total so if you mix the amendments up still only a total of 3 per gallon.


With a loaded soil like yours I wait until day 28-30ish, depending on plant growth.

I use 3 tablespoons per 5 gallon fabric pot every three weeks. I only feed autos twice during their grow cycle.

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Question about using Gaia green. I’m in my first grow I just recently started using the self watering base from ac infinity. How would I go about feeding the plants ? I topped dress the recommended amount for a 5 gallon fabric pot. I didn’t mix the fert through my canna coco before planting. I went straight to top dress.

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Top watering is going to be best to get the nutrients moving into the root zone

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Thank you !

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