Fun and Games in Colorado

Starting a new journal with a link to the last one.

Let me set up where I’m at:

I have a mechanical room/storage area in the new house, up against the (insulated) concrete wall of the basement and plan to build a 4 X 8 X 8 grow ‘box’ using dimensional lumber and 1" metallized styrofoam. Double doors like my previous space.

Planning on doing a 3 or 4 plant grow using autopots. @Not2SureYet will be my go to for setting those up. Jack’s 3-2-1 and Promix HP. Durban Thai/Cindy 99 is for sure, maybe an Acapulco Gold and a Grand Daddy Purple with something else in slot 4.

I haven’t picked up the materials yet but probably Monday or Tuesday get the lumber in. Shelves have to be built and all of the grow crap has to be unpacked so I can find my stuff and organize it. It’s currently occupying the space the grow is going in.

My wife and I checked out a local grow shop (there’s like a dozen in town) and walked out with the BIG bale of Promix HP for…$42! It’s like $118 on Amazon so score!

Pictures shortly.

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Nice to see your new journal up and running! Can’t wait to see everything set up! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I just flipped my purple haze you gifted me about a week ago :grin: thank you @Myfriendis410 !


That was a great plant to grow: you ought to love it. In fact I twisted a fattie out of it today haha!


Sounds like its going to be a sweet setup. cant wait to see it!

Glad to see things are coming along. Excited for your first grow in your new place Alan!


This is very exciting. I would love to have the opportunity to have a grow “room” instead of a tarp covered tent. but gotta start some place and learn the ropes.

That is a great deal on the promix. I think i payed close to $70 for mine from the local shop. I look forward to seeing how your room and grow turn out. I hope I can learn something.


Set to watching and learning :alarm_clock:


I’m set to watching, for sure :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Thanks for the tag @Myfriendis410 feel free to ask me any autopot questions as well.
For autopots my main pointers would be:
Put the reservoir up off the ground as much as your comfortable with, more height equals more hydrostatic pressure and thus less chance of a clog.
Ensure your reservoir isn’t touching your tent or beside a heater.
If you want to leave 4 plants for a week you want a 30 Gallon reservoir, 4 autos at least. I think it’s the best sized reservoir tbh the one it comes with is a bit small but it works, just to much refilling if you ask me.
Don’t use anything organic in your reservoir.
Ensurr your trays are level.
Put as few valves in the system as possible as they plug first.
Buy two small 80 gpm pumps off amazon, a huge time saver mixing nutes and also I set one kn a timer to come on for twice a day for an hour to mix my Res.
If you don’t have the pumps youll be doing alot of stirring.


Yeah; I should have most of everything I need: air pump, small transfer pump (I’ll pick up another one or two) and I may try the trick I pulled in my old town where I went to the car wash and got a used 30 gallon barrel and cleaned it up.


I’ll tag along if you don’t mind @Myfriendis410




Lol thank you @Big123 :blush:


@Myfriendis410 mind if I tag along


You splitting that in half for veg and flower? Or have different veg area?


I’ve got a 2 X 4 X 5 tent I can use for veg but not really thinking about perpetual grow yet.


I’d like to ride along

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Amazon pretty much over charges for everything. So much for free shipping :smirk:

4x8 huh? Sounds like we’ll be doing some shopping


Amazon gets around free shipping by adding the cost to the purchase price. Usually you never notice because Amazon sells for barely above wholesale and has contracts for discounts on shipping. @dbrn32


That’s not exactly true. Lots of stuff overpriced on Amazon.


I totally agree! I made a trip to local hydro shop and a quart of ph down was $6 cheaper at the hydro store than what I was paying on Amazon!