From Seed to Smoke - Harvest Eagle's Journal vol. 1

After a very long couple of weeks, the grow-space is finally up! We’re rockin’ a 4x4 tent and growing a variety pack on our first run.

All strains courtesy of RQS, feminized, photos - We have Amnesia Haze, White Widow, Cookies Gelato, Skunk XL, Shogun and OG Kush! Also have some Candy Kush Express but we’re not popping one of those just yet.

4/7/24 and we’ve got one of each germinating! I’ve given them each a custom pod with 1/6th of a half paper towel. Also making use of my label maker to keep things organized.

I left them all sleeping in a very dark tent with a starter tray over them for good measure. Can’t wait to see these ladies into some soil!


5 plants in a 4x4 tent you definitely want have any wasted space. Get ready for the forest :grin:I’m happy and excited to follow your grow. I have some of these strains I’ll be popping next grow. Good luck and happy growing


It’ll be a forest of dreams! They’ll be tight but with some light training and determination we’ll make pruning impossible lol. Happy to have you onboard!


24 hours down and we’ve already got 3 eager little shells opened!

The White Widow’s tail isn’t visible but she started opening up so was planted in a peat pellet along with Cookies Gelato and Skunk XL. Now they sit buried under a light at like 40% +/-.

Rehydrated the other 3 pellets in preparation because hydrating these things is kind of a pain. Lid fits funky on the starter thing so will have to check on them as I’m able in case rehydration is needed.

Will rehydrate with a touch of weakly mixed Bergman’s seedling nutes, then will try to spray the dome to keep everything moist unless pellets dry too much.

Soon I’ll need to prepare their 5 gallon fabric homes to be moved into! They grow up so fast! :cry:


Im in to watch.

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Glad to have you, all are welcome! :grin:

48 hours in and the other 3 have popped!

Now everyone is planted in a peat pellet with a sip of baby nutes and a well sprayed dome. The hard part now, we wait for the babies to break ground!


That first pic reminds me of Popeyes arm. LMAO

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:joy: That’s the OG Kush, it has that kind of reputation.

Day 3 and we have 3 that have broken ground!

Skunk XL!

White Widow!

And OG Kush!

This one however flexed her tap root/bicep too hard and came up a bit backwards. I very carefully went to investigate and found her leaves so moved some peat over the root and let her be.



Hopefully soon the other ladies will join the party. Until then, the dome has been misted but otherwise hands off.

Might be prepping some pots over the weekend if they keep on like this! :grin:


Day 3.5, I had to check on them before I left for work lol. Shogun has emerged!

All 4 excited for a new light cycle.


Day 4

Amnesia Haze joined the party. Came wearing a party hat though. We don’t do that here apparently.

So with the help of some tweezers, she’s been released from her prison!

White Widow hadn’t moved so I examined closer and her root had kind of U’d around the top. :person_facepalming:

After seeing this I set forth again with the tweezers and righted her - however in the process I damaged the root. I’ll give her a chance to bounce back but I’m worried for her.

In other news, Shogun shot up since this morning and even has it’s first leaves starting!

Skunk XL grew into the dome so the dome has been removed. The term ‘shot up like a weed’ comes to mind.

And OG Kush is also going strong.

Cookies Gelato hasn’t broken ground yet so I cut and sprayed a water bottle to keep her domed.


Day 5 - Got some action with the four healthy ones, all have a set of true leaves started!

OG Kush got a slight burn, I think from the light, so switched it with Skunk XL which seems quite the enthusiastic grower so far. Hopefully the less central spot will help since no one else burned. If any new burns tomorrow I’ll adjust the light a bit.

Still nothing from white widow but too soon to tell. If she does bounce back I expect it to be after a couple days to recover from the shock. Assuming the damage would be akin to transplant shock.

Cookies Gelato still hasn’t broken ground. I probed a bit because I’m nosey and found the seed with root protruding. Buried it kinda deep so covered it with less.

Gave some very mild nute water to everyone, a bit extra to the injured and unborn to encourage recovery and growth. Dome still on CG, just removes at time of picture.

Oh! And Skunk XL’s root is trying to escape out the bottom of the pellet so I’ll be preparing pots and probably transplanting tomorrow afternoon after some shopping.

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Alrighty, it has been an epic day shopping! After 5 pawn shops and 2 thrift stores I can say I’m confident they don’t have any cheap supplies for me. :joy: I’ll have to skulk around marketplace or something. Got foods and a game though so all win.

Anyway, day 6.

I’ve completed 4 transplants. There’s no change with white widow or cookies Gelato so they’re still in the starter tray. I removed my water bottle and replaced the dome since there’s no one tall to hit their head. Placed tray on a pot since I had to raise the lights.

Filled pots about 60% with this stuff, then added a thick layer of perlite, a thick layer of peat moss, mixed then topped with more of this stuff and mixed some more.

All in all about 2 1/2 - 2 5/8 bags of main soil mix and the two 8 quart bags were emptied 6 ways. The result seems satisfactory to me. It already had the amendments but I never feel like they put enough lol.

The new homes are 5 gallon fabric pots in some large, strong 14 inch trays I got off Amazon.

In addition to the above I made transplant hole, added 2 tbsp mykos, mixed, then added 2 more and transplanted directly to it for each.

I also mixed half a tsp great white to a gallon, as directed, and watered each with that as transplant watering. Have a bit left but didn’t wanna go overboard. They’re still tiny after all.

Only other notable is I removed the condom around the pellets. I didn’t like it. Hopefully didn’t damage the protruding root(s) but can’t be sure. In any case, here’s the new homeowners.

And this just because.


You had a busy day for sure. Seedlings look great.

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I love the peat pods! I use them for everything (weed, veggies, herbs, flowers)…

I’ll tag along if that’s ok!

Thanks Fukaz! They’re growing their little… phloems? I guess? Out. :joy: Whatever a plant heart is.

The peat pods are great as a starter, my only complaint is a couple of the roots kind of went funky. I have to assume I planted them weird though, these things usually fall to operator error. I’ll need to be more careful to aim the Taproot in the future, since I have a couple years supply of the things at this point. :yum:

Since you use them, are they any good for clones out of curiosity?

And of course it’s ok, all are welcome! :grin:

Skunk XL, Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Shogun seem to be acclimating nicely on day 7. (Pictures in that order.)

They all seem straighter and AH in particular has shown a noticeable growth. She was very close to the ground after transplant.

Didn’t think to snag a pic but White Widow moved a little. Hoping to see more of that tomorrow.

Still waiting on Cookies Gelato, I’ll give another couple days before I go checking again. Hoping just a late sprouter.

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Skipped a day for dramatic effect. :wink:

Day 9

White Widow is clearly recovering! She’s started producing her first set of leaves! Once she stands an inch or two I’ll transplant!

Still no sign of Cookies Gelato. I probed and saw root but not much else. I’m giving until White Widow is transplanted. Re-moistened everything, those two still domin’.

The other four seem pretty happy!

Amnesia Haze has gotten a bit taller - quietly expecting that one to growth spurt on me, knowing it’s 70% sativa. Seems much happier than it was in any case.

OG Kush seems well adjusted to the light. No new burns and thriving!

Shogun is growing very heartily. It’s hard to tell by the picture but it’s a bit bigger than the others. Also showing signs of new growth!

And we can’t forget Skunk XL! Ever the enthusiastic plant, she’s showing off new spikeys!

Gave everyone a ring of PHd water. Being gentle with it. Wrestling with the urge to pop another Cookies Gelato if this one fails to thrive. The soil is already mixed after all. :joy:

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Day 10

More or less a picture-journal day. White Widow’s leaves looking better and the other four are all either showing signs of second set or already visibly growing them!

Only thing I really did was give a couple drops of water to WW and re-mist the dome.

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She got some long leaves. Looks good.

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