ILGM - multi strain

Hi everybody . I recently bought some super silver haze , white widow , super skunk & blueberry . I just put 5 of each strain into some root riots soo let the fun begin .

Grow room -


  • 400w mh bulb with lumatek ballast
  • canna coco a&b nutrients


  • 600hps with lumatek ballast & sun master air cooled hood .
  • coco a&b + pk at week 5 .

Exo,phsyco & power Africa

I am glad to have a Canna grower here. I mix my own nutrients, and learned from a S. African fellow who now works for Canna. Nice looking grow.

Cheers latewood. Coco is bulletproof it’s quite hard to mess up really . Plants look healthy all the way to chop . I’ve used all different soils all different nutrients & I’ve always gone back to coco & canna .I won’t change now untill I go hydro ( if I ever do ). Hydro has been
On the down turn in the medical states . Well that’s what I’m reading at the moment .

Ok soo i have had a problem logging into the site the last
Month but thanks to the team I’m back & I have some photos to update .

All the seeds got
Put into party cups not long after rooting .

They were then put into 11 litre square pots where they will finish .
I have 4 white widow 5 super skunk 2 blueberry & 4 ssh.

These have been flowering for a week so in one of the photos you can see them
With no gap in between each plant after that photo I trimmed a lot of bottom branches to increase air flow & have a lot more light penetrating the canopy .

Some photos of the last grow .

Awesome looking pic’s my tent is going to b looking just like yours here in a few more weeks. I’LL B POSTING PIC,S OF THE HARVEST. I love it…lol.


Thanks William . I wish you the best of luck my friend. You got many grows under your belt ? If you need any help I will be more than happy to help .


Beautiful response after 4 days of trimming some of the canopy.

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Where it starts to get interesting. Well done Robert these plants are very strong . The white widow is a very beautiful plant . I can’t wait for next few weeks .

Hello there rollajoint…I got 3 grows under my belt. The first 2 failed do to white powder fungus. This grow is the 3rd and have gone all out…have followed Robert’s Bible to the letter and all is great!
I just took 24 cuttings from my 20 ladies which are in day 44 of flowering. All White Widow. They call it Monster Cropping have you heard of this type of cloning?


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Beautiful plants and I’m glad to hear Robert’s White Widow strain is so highly thought of. Got 10 going myself! I hope …

William, if I may briefly hijack RJ’s thread, is the white powder fungus you had what I call powdery mildew? Starts at the bottom and gradually works it’s way out the plant?

If so Neem Oil will knock it back but the real cause is long term high humidity. Occasional spikes aren’t enough to get it going but for the most part you want keep the humidity below 50%. Above that for long enough and the mildew spores will find you.

Too much Neem Oil isn’t good tho, and I learned that one the hard way. I soaked 'em real hard over these little black dots that moved if you watched them long enough … and about 3 days later a whole shit load of leaves fell off!

The crop survived but my yield was off about 15-20%. :frowning:

PNTRBI…It just started every where on the plant. I have a write up on this and yes it was do to to high humidity. I live in the so. Tenn and the humidity gets very high here and I didn’t take that into account. So now I have heat an air unit in the window
But I do have that write up it’s awesome I can post it and you can copy it. It’s very helpful.


Thanks for stopping in lads . It’s been a busy day so I haven’t checked my journal . Anyway , will am I right in thinking you have took 20 cuttings from a flowering plant ?. What is your plan with them reveg them ?
And get a dehumidifier mate it will help .

Ok I see what your talking about now . Monster cropping is new to me . I have always took cuts from a vegging plant . I would be very interested in seeing your results.

Rollajoint. how are my friend? Yes I took 24 cuttings from my 20 ladies. Robert calls it Monster Cropping because when they start growing there new leaves shortly after they take off and turn into Monster plants…lol But Once they have stable roots I will place them in soil and put them in their own tent. I have 3 grow tents. 2 are 3x3x76 and the large one is 76x76x76. This time they will get 400 watt hps for 24/0 then when they take off they should be ready to go into the big tent with two 1000 watt bulbs should be interesting to sat the lest.
I also have 16 more seedling of white widow just poped through the soil out of 20 seeds. I have always had 100% gemnation rate but that’s ok cause I think I got this cloning thing down…lol


Here is a pic of the cuttings there are 24 of them and below are their mothers.
Notice the flowers on then…Robert says to leave them alone. Why I don’t know.


Cool mate . You running cfl for flowering ?

No Rollajoint. I use 2 1000 watt bulbs for flowering…for vegging 400 watt and cfl 15 watt for seeding’s and clones.
These first 20 ladies vegged under the 1000 watt bulbs and did great so I may use it on the clones also.
More light the better