From Seed to Smoke - Harvest Eagle's Journal vol. 1

Hopefully soon they’ll have many more! :heart_eyes:

Day 12

Second sets of leaves are coming in nicely! Skunk XL and Shogun are still leading in growth

But OG Kush and Amnesia Haze are hot on their heels!

Meanwhile White Widow lookin’ thicc!

Almost looks like she’s already working on her second set of leaves. It’s likely she’ll be transplanted this weekend.

I’m continually impressed by the little ladies’ tenacity and eagerness to grow!

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Day 14

Two weeks in and growing strong! Everyone is starting to fill out a little.

We have Shogun,

OG Kush,

Skunk XL,

And Amnesia Haze!

Then, our flourishing underdog - White Widow! Freshly transplanted in the same manner as her sister-plants. 2 tbsp Mykos mixed at transplant site, 2 tbsp on top - between new soil and peat pellet. Some great white mixed water for transplant watering.

All others were watered with plain PH’d water as well. Also added a new fan in the top corner blowing down on low.

Hopefully soon we’ll see White a widow takeoff like the others! :grin:

I’ve about lost hope on Cookies Gelato breaking ground. Gave one last watering - misting for good measure but not expecting results. Will probably leave that pot empty this round as a new plant would be a couple of weeks behind and additional space isn’t necessarily a bad thing. :wink:


Day 18

A couple days ago the ladies got a bit droopy and I thought I over watered. Gave them a couple days and no real change, maybe a bit worse. I realized the 4 bigger plants are kind of yellow as compared to White Widow as well.

So tonight I decided to get on 'em!

Mixed Bergman’s Grow time nutes into a gallon of water. Gave a very small amount to white widow and split the rest 4 ways. So around a qt each.

Went with this because I’m thinking the yellow is symptomatic of Nitrogen deficiency and it’s got a good amount of N, whereas the seedling stuff was a bit lacking. I’m thinking that the ‘Home Depot special’ soil is kind of a cold soil so tried my luck.

Mixed fish sh!t as well and gave half a high ball glass to chase. Probably a couple oz - just to encourage them.

While doing so I saw a gnat - fungus gnat I think. So mixed Bergman’s bug blaster into a spray bottle and misted top of the soil. Got the bugger directly too. :imp:

White Widow is coming along nicely!

But the other 4 have their struggles. OG Kush and Skunk XL in particular. Shogun kind of feels it too. Amnesia Haze actually seems fine, growing nicely but also a bit on the yellow side.

Now time will tell if I’ve pleased them. I’m at their mercy. :joy:

Everything PH’d to around 6.3 - runoff PH was also around 6.3. PPMs were just south of 800 after feeding. Fingers crossed.

Pictures from before deciding on all out watering.


I use Bergmans also and that size I would only do 1\4 stength, or are you using the seedling feed?
Mine where growing in FFHF and did not feed nutes until between 3-4 weeks or until they showed they need food! May be off base for your style, but I do like the Bergmans nutes, will still use it while using others on other plants during outdoor grow :+1:

My initial plan was to go easy but the soil seems lacking. Like they put all of the stuff to aerate and enrich the soil in terms of water and nutrient retention but never actually added anything with meaningful nutrients.

I switched to the grow time this past week at week 1 dosage on dosage chart. It’s a little weaker but I think they need the nutrients.

Day 21

So after dosing/watering, I’ve pretty well left them alone until tonight. Everyone has perked up some and seem slightly greener.

The only negative that cropped up is Skunk XLs lower leaves are very much dying. Since no other plants are doing this, I’m guessing it got too far into cannibalizing it’s leaves and is finishing the job. I’m letting it suck the nutrients and will prune soon.

Tonight, gave some great white and plain water. Tent temperature has been getting kind of high so the water should do them good.

Also mixing some bug blaster to mist soil top again. Got some mosquito bites as well, in case I don’t see my needed results from bug blaster alone.

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Day 25

Still having struggles with nutrient deficits. Since the soil was cold I ordered cal-mag on Amazon last week. Mixed a half dose of cal-mag in with a full dose(week 2) of Bergman’s grow time nutes.

The cal-mag I got has some nitrogen and such in it as well - otherwise I may have opted for a full dose there too. Split a gallon and a half 5 ways. Chased with a full highball glass of fish sh!t around the outer soil in the pot. Didn’t want to risk washing away too many nutrients.

Skunk XL began eating it’s next set of leaves so I was particularly careful to not wash nutes away for her.

Gave her a quick trim as well.

White Widow is showing clear signs of nitrogen deficiency as well. I gave very little the first round because she seemed fine. As such I’ve shared a full dose with her this time.

There’s also a red color on her leaf vein there, indicating she needed the mag part of the cal-mag if I’m not mistaken. Amnesia Haze’s stem is also a bit red but can’t tell from this pic lol.

OG Kush is a little wilty but otherwise not doing awful.

Shogun also isn’t doing terrible but upon closer inspection, her leaves are getting a little red in their veins as well. Which makes sense as Shogun is advertised as a hungry plant.

Forgive the off center pic :joy:

Anyway, pictures from today but they were all fed yesterday - Nutes PH’d to 6.3, runoff at 6.3 and ppm between 750 and 1000ppm. I don’t think my probe was all the way in on the 750 though so probably around 1k across the board with the cal-mag added.

Being that they’re deficient and the soil seems sort of empty of nutrients I’m hoping these numbers will be fine.

Hoping this addresses their nutrition and we can restore their vigor in the coming week. :blush:

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Day 29

Got me some micronutrients so now I think I have all of the food groups covered. One can dream. :joy:

Split a gallon 5 ways, Bergman’s growtime, cal-mag and my micronutrient thing. All full doses as I’d rather see burn than deficiency at this point. Also a splash of fish sh!t.

I did conduct a slurry test and soil was at about 6.8. with this in mind I PH’d the nutes to 5.8. this gave me 6.0 runoff.

I’ve also been running a little humidifier in there. RH is around about 50% - it’s been 40 or so with temps in the 80s. I’ve cooled it to 79 or so for a minute anyway.

At this point they should have adequate nutrients so my RH and PH adjustments are with the possibility of lockout in mind. We shall see.

Skunk XL is still hurting.


OG Kush isn’t 100% but not doing terrible either.

White Widow is so compact it’s actually kind of a pain lol. Ironically she’s the only one that isn’t getting hit dead on by a light. Hoping she’ll stretch a stretch when current issues resolve.

Amnesia Haze isn’t doing the best but also not on a full spiral. Not :100: if it’s nutrient deficiency or accidentally splashed with water that caused the brown.

And of course Shogun, doing alright all things considered.

Fingers crossed the nutrient regimen helps them grow up big and strong!. In any case, I’m happy they are photos about now. May have added some veg time with all of this but if we can move past this, I’ll still be happy. :grin:

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Day 30

Just short of a day later and they’re doing much better! Skunk XL in particular looks way happier!

I’m thinking lockout was the cause of our prior woes. I’ll check periodically but thinking for now I’ll continue to PH low to balance out our not so acidic soil.

I’m honestly quite relieved to actually see them perky again. Was getting kind of stressful lol.

As I said, Skunk XL is way happier!

OG Kush also perkier.

White Widow might even be getting green back in those bottom leaves.

Amnesia Haze looks happy as well.

And Shogun too! Over there plotting her next growth spurt!

Now that everyone is happier, I’m looking forward to the coming weeks!


Day 37

Alright, so they started getting mad again, I fed and they were fine, 3 days later same deal. Apparently the soil isn’t holding onto the nutrients or the plants are using them all up. In either case, I’m now feeding twice a week with a watchful eye on the effects this has on the plants.

Feeding so often seems like overkill but gotta do what works.

Maybe the soil drains a bit too well? Splitting a gallon between them all so maybe it’s just because the soul isn’t retaining enough to feed them a week’s supply at once?

Temp in low 80s - high 70s. Runoff PH 6.0 - 6.2. ppm 750-800. Leaves showing signs of deficiency from before but for now they seem happy I’m making with the yum yums.

Skunk XL ate some leaves while I figured this out but rapidly producing more. Guess this saves me some pruning.

OG Kush starting to fill out nicely.

Shogun started having bad signs on the mid level leaves but deterioration stopped after feeding again.

White Widow’s doing good, still short AF but getting quite leafy.

And Amnesia Haze, despite being advertised as a sensitive plant is doing great aside from yellowed bottom leaves from before. Probably should think about pruning them all a bit if they can go a week or two without nutrient issues.

All in all I’m very surprised they’re asking for food so often but I’m happy to accommodate if it keeps them growing. In the future I’ll go with a medium with more accessable information. Maybe read up on Coco.


I would not do any pruning until they are more mature. At this stage, our little ones need every leaf they have to help produce energy to grow.
Coco is a great medium to grow in. Requires daily fertigation tho, so very hands on unless you go with something like Autopots.

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Yeah, I’d like to keep from disrupting them so I’ll hold off for now. Possibly trim some dead bits but the yellow stuff can stay for the moment. They’ve been stressed anyway so no need to add to that right yet. :blush:

If the daily maintenance is less than an hour then I could be bothered to give that extra attention. Faster grow times and a large amount of information about that specific medium make it seem worthwhile to me.

Learning this specific soil has set me back a bit lol. And what’s not to love about FASTER?! :fire:

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Day 46

Everything is going pretty well. Been watering/fertilizing every 3 days. Fed yesterday after 2 because they were a bit dry. They seem content.

Had to move lights up today.

Didn’t prune but any dead leaves that crunched when I pinched them were removed.

Skunk XL is starting to fill out again.

OG Kush seemed to develop a slight deficiency because one feeding was half a day late but problems ceased with feeding.

White Widow is slowly getting taller.

Shogun had the same deal as OG Kush happen but doing alright now.

And Amnesia Haze is looking great!

Now that everyone is a little happier they can reach for the stars! By which I mean LEDs!.. That’s why I moved them away. :sweat_smile:

They look good and the stacking is awesome. Great job.

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Thanks! I was worried about my lighting being a bit on the weak side so I’m pretty happy with them so far.

Ususlly when the light is weak the plants will be tall and stretching in my experience.

Yeah, that’s what I was worried about. I’m pleasantly surprised with how well these are doing. Only yesterday bumped them up to the manufacturer’s peak veg recommendation.(80% - slowly worked up from 50%)

I have 4 of these. 1 over each of the tall plants with White Widow in the center of them all.

The real test will be how well they perform during flowering.

Day 49.

Fed everyone:

Growtime nutes @ 2/3-3/4 tsp a gallon.
Cal-mag @ 1/4 tsp per gallon.
Micronutrients @ 1/4 tsp per gallon.
PH’d to about 6.1.
Runoff around 6.4.
Ppm about 800.

They split 2 gallons which gave significant runoff but no more than half the trays. Enough to make readings easier to take. It’ll be gone before I know it.

I’m debating now if I want to implement some training. Already a bit on the late side but needed to get the ladies straight on nutes before going and altering them.

Oh decisions decisions. I have articles to re-read. In the meantime…

Skunk XL is showing solid, steady growth.

OG Kush kickin’ it like an OG.

White Widow still super bushy.

Amnesia Haze - as memorable as always.

And ofc Shogun, standing proud.

Some new growth but not really much change. Just pretty young ladies doing their thing.