From Seed to Smoke - Harvest Eagle's Journal vol. 1

Day 77

Fed 2 days ago but forgot to pH until 3/4s of the way through. Noticed Skunk XL getting testy today so opted to feed again, this time with properly PH’d nutes.

Also had to adjust the lights a bit. The ladies are getting tall! I actually topped Skunk XL because she’s getting too far ahead of the others. When they reach her current height I’ll probably consider flipping to flower. :joy: If they truly double in size I might need to.

Skunk XL, being XLnt at telling me when she’s hungry

Amnesia haze, with an awesome hairstyle going on.

White Widow, still a bit short but healthy and hearty.

OG Kush, got that lean on. I actually turned her some to try and curb that a little. Will adjust more depending on what she does. It is convenient for watering though.

Shogun, getting a little stretch on at the top. She’s been pleasant moderate about that considering she’s Sativa leaning. Same can be said for Amnesia Haze up there.

Just trucking along. In a couple more weeks we’ll flip to flower and see what exciting things await! :grin: Skunk XL already has a scent so no doubt I’ll need a filter for my fan around then. :joy:

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Day 83.

Fed everyone today, micronutrients and all! Adjusted lights some and had a long hmmmm moment.

As much as I’d love to grow these beauties bigger, I think if I wait much longer I’ll be dealing with (vertical) space concerns. It’s an 80 inch tall tent but with lights in mind, Skunk XL is approaching half way there.

As of now, I’m thinking Sunday! I’ll give them one last feeding with veg nutes then flip! I like how that works out in regard to the day. New month, new happenings! Also just might kill off this pack of veg nutes.

The pics will no doubt start getting better from here! :joy:

Now I’ve got to start planning for harvest and the next round!

After much consideration I’m thinking I’ll give some forum favorites a try next. Happy Frog in a cup and the Ocean Forest in my 5 gal fabric pots. Cut with perlite, maybe some peat moss and a kiss of happy frog in the final product. Also eyeing Jacks 3-2-1. I’d like to see what the hype is about.

When I finally try coco I’d like to get a descent set up together for hydro. I’m thinking that’ll be money so for now I’ll keep playing with soils and various nutrients. So much to explore! So many pretty plants to grow! :grin:

Hydro will be a treat for another year!

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You’ll fall in love with Jacks!


Hoping I will! More bang for your buck is a great sales angle!

Day 87.

I flipped to light schedule to 12/12 for flowering yesterday and fed as anticipated. Put electrical tape over the lights on the power strip I’m using. Closed a vent that would leak light and turned exhaust fan up to hopefully make up for the decreased airflow.

Now we wait and watch for the new formations!

Forgot to take pics yesterday so here’s some from Saturday. :joy: Have a half assed photo journal going on.

Skunk XL, being tall and hungry as always.

Amnesia Haze, growing nicely.

White Widow, growing well and actually branching out a bit aggressively. Moved her slightly, will train if necessary.

OG Kush, looking good.

And Shogun in all her glory.

Toyed with the idea of defoliation but they seem to have better airflow than what one would assume at a glance. Going to let them ride for the moment and see how things progress. Except entirely dead leaves… those can go.


Coming along very nicely!


Thank you! Very excited for the next couple of weeks. I already see a slight change in them!

Day 89

Fed first round of Bergman’s Flowering nutrients! One full tsp per gal with a heavy dose of cal-mag as well. Calls for 1/4 tsp per gal, I’ve been giving that plus another 16th - 8th. They haven’t minded so far! PH’d it all and used the normal amount of water ~ 2 gallons.

They’re all doing good with the new light cycle - White Widow in particular went through a bit of a growth spurt. She’s nearly as tall as OG Kush! Considering how far behind she was, I find this very exciting!

Also continuing with some horizontal growth. I actually shifted everyone a bit further so as not to impede her. Soon we’ll have the best kind of forest!

I’ve noticed everyone’s horizontal growth becoming more prominent. May have to use some of my string to lead them away from each other by the end of it. A bit of work I look forward to! Tight space = unwasted space! :grin:


Looking good :+1:. I read thru your journal, nice job on the repairs along the way and the persistence . You are about to get rewarded.

You just flipping the light, the plants are going to grow 2 times your current height. I am not sure how much headroom you have, but something to think about.

As far as pulling branches out with LST, that is a good idea.

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Thanks! I figure the more I figure out, the more competent I’ll be the next time.

Space is actually why I flipped to flower. they’re nearing the halfway point on the tent. Skunk XL especially. The tent is 80 inches tall, so I have a pretty good amount of headroom still, even figuring the lights in.

At this point, all I can do is train them if they outgrow it. :sweat_smile:

I’ll probably tie them back as needed. On the next grow I’d like to be more aggressive with the training. So far I’m getting a good idea of how they respond to various things so I feel a bit more comfortable with hst than I was. Obviously too late to apply that on these girls though. :joy:

For the very tall one I would do a bit of research on super cropping if needed. But sounds like you have enough room. I have never done it, but have seen lots of people in here do that to help with overly tall plants. Or just pull the top over to the side of the tent to keep it lower, help get more light to the lower plants as you kind of have to set intensity to the biggest plant(unless you have multiple lights in there).

Yep on my third grow and every time I try something new it makes me anxious. It is much better this time, each time you learn more. I did 2 runs of autos and switched to photos this time. I topped them (first time doing that) and let them spread a bit before flipping.

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That’s actually a great idea, I knew about super cropping but didn’t even think to do it when she started racing ahead. I just topped her. I’ll probably pull them down some as it becomes necessary. I got a scrog net but wasn’t feeling it for the first rodeo.

I think it was probably time to flip anyway though. If they fill my tent, even if it’s a pain, I’d be very happy!

I actually have 4 lights, one for each with White Widow on the middle to benefit from all of them. Skunk XL’s has been higher for a while now. :joy: Probably gets great light throughout the plant with it’s neighbors help too!

I feel like photos are more forgiving than autos. I’ve never grown autos. I guess they take out the guesswork on training and flipping the lights but I kind of like experimenting here and there. And having that buffer for when I goof up. :sweat_smile:

Day 91

Fed everyone a day early. Gave flowering nutes, cal-mag and micronutrients this time. Debating if they’ll get the micronutrients again… maybe one more in a couple of weeks to help drive across the finish line.

Early feeding because Skunk XL looked hungry(it’s MO) and because the soil was drier than I expected it to be when I checked. Temp was a bit high too. If they burn I’ll know to be more careful but I think they’ll be ok.

Skunk XL with it’s multiple baby tops. My fault for topping late but she’ll be fine! :purple_heart:

OG Kush, looking fuller than ever!

White Widow, also sporting some dense foliage. I watched and airflow seems ok despite it. :wink:

Shogun, looking full and vibrant as well!

Then of course we have Amnesia Haze, displaying her own brand of beauty and a wild head from new growth. Leaves are curled a lot on new growth but I think she’s ok. I’ve seen them be like that at first before with her as well. Maybe a Sativa thing?

It’s hard to tell from this pic but they’re all in the same neighborhood of height except Skunk XL. She’s tall and she’s always hungry! Very vigorous when she wants to be. Then again, they’ve all had their moments of notable growth.


They look great. Now just waiting for the first signs of flower. The 2 I am growing took about 2 weeks.


Can’t wait! Almost a week down so we’ll see!


Day 95

Fed yesterday. Gave 1.5x flowering nutes and around 1.5x cal-mag. I gave so much because Skunk XL looked pretty pissed off. Very wilty. So I upped the food and they seem quite happy today!

Had to move all lights up some and they’re all starting to bush nicely.

Going to be watching more carefully on the 2nd day after feeding. Judging by Skunk’s attitude and everyone’s reaction to more food - I’m driven to think they want more food and perhaps more often. Going to use Skunk’s powerful appetite as an indicator and see how that goes.

Worst case I’ll have separate feeding cycles. I’m not going to keep letting Skunk get so hungry. - Strangely the other ones don’t seem to care. Not asking for more but relishing it when it happens. :joy:

Also trimmed a bunch of dead growth off of Skunk XL as part of my closer observation efforts.

Skunk XL - looking perky today!

OG Kush - flexin’ some girth!

White Widow - Taking over the center!

Shogun - Looking great!

Can’t forget Amnesia Haze - with some emerging girth of her own!

Their tops are also starting to get prettier! Hopefully the whiff of chocolate I got was because of that! :grin:

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They are looking happy. White pistils about to show any day now.

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Day 96

Started seeing a little bit of a wilt starting on Skunk’s lower leaves and the soil was fairly dry so fed again today.(2 days)

The riskiest move I made here is I kept the nutes at the previous level. Going off a hunch that they can handle it. Thus I must test!

I kind of like the purple coloration OG Kush has. Very interested to see how flowering progresses! Looking forward to many pistils!

Not going to pic spam this time. That way changes will seem more pronounced. :wink: