Just Growing...again

Hi Guys, figured its time to start a new journal since I’m no longer strictly chasing amber per se, I’ll let the other thread come to its natural conclusion.
Besides a good high I have no particular aspirations as to what I’ll be growing or for what. At some point in the fall I would like to grow some Laughing Buddha (thanks @blackthumbbetty for the suggetion) since I’ve always liked a smoke that makes me laugh for no particular reason :grin:

Lets get to it…
I’m skipping a few strains since I dont want to hunt for pictures so I’ll start w what’s cooking at the moment.

Was fortunate enough to be gifted an Arcata Skunk seed from @Missiles for which I am very thankful for :wink: :+1:
She popped out of the ground sept. 29th and was flipped dec. 28th. She’s beastly in the best possible way, around 40" tall from the top of the soil/pot.

Had some trouble getting a God’s Gift seed to germinate and finally got one to take Oct 7th, thankfully she caught up w the other girls. Due to logistics Arcata and God were flipped at the same time, so they have a flower “buddy” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as they make their journey through life together. Arcata on left God’s gift on right.

I should mention that this grow is in 100% coco along w/ Jack’s nutes, and 2 gallon pots w one exception which I’ll get to in a bit. While I like the results of using 100% they do require to be watered more frequently. Next round I’ll do 75% coco and see how that goes.
The stems are the thickest I’ve gotten from any medium, cant argue w results

I would like to thank @Missiles & @dbrn32 for turning me onto Cannaventure, all their offerings look ridiculously good, looking forward to trying a few of them, to wit…

From left to right :point_up_2:, Cannaventure’s Blackberry Raspberry Kush, Arcata Skunk & Pure Fruity Pebbles.

You can see above that Fruity P ( :grin:) is not nearly as big and robust as the other two, might be genetics. She has been a bit delicate so bear that in mind @GreenJewels @Gremmall if you get her going. I am incredibly excited to try all three of em in the near future.

Next batch…Arcata (prior to defoliation) Gray Skull, Gray Skull (got two different Phenos) & DT aka Durban x Thai

Would also like to thank our friends @CoyoteCody for the Gray Skull seeds and @Not2SureYet for the DT seed. I am Psyched to check these gals out as well, Thank you guys for the seed, hope I can do em Justice… Next two pictures Gray Skull 1, GS2, DT mother & DT1 clone.

The DT mother is coming out in a few days, she’s done! :+1: :partying_face:

Lets elaborate on both strains a bit, lets start w Gray Skull, I’ve never come across two different phenos before so this was surprising when I first noticed it. I actually thought GS1 had some sort of blight as her change happened seemingly over night! GS1 has these gorgeous Purple hues while her sister does not, they’re both lovely. These ladies are in 1 gallon pots and just as tall as Arcata.
Thanks Cody! :+1: :sunglasses:

Below… Durban x Thai, this cant be anything but Fun! so much so that I was able to secure 5 clones off of her, she was above ground August 18th so she and her buddies have a head start over some of the other gals. She’s beautiful and seems to be finishing at the same pace as some of the indicas that I dropped around the same time, how can you not like that! :smiley:
From left to right. DT1 (clone) Mother in middle and DT2 which I flipped this past saturday.
Thanks again @Not2SureYet, very excited to take her out for a ride in a few weeks :grinning: :v:

Some of the other gals in the flower tent…Purple Kush & good ol Purple Urkle!!!

PK (Aug 18th) is almost ready, maybe a week at most, going for good solid clouds w whatever amber manifests. PU (Sept 27th) was flipped Dec 5th so still some time to go. Very excited about these two and thanks to @Not2SureYet for bringing Purple Kush to my attention for insomnia :crossed_fingers:

This has been an ongoing grow since I dropped 5 strains on the 4th of July,Amnesia, Blue Amnesia, blueberry, cheese & blue cheese. More about those another day. I messed up the Amnesias, they were autos and left them in the solo cup too long and started to flower. @Dbpooper called it and urged me to transplant asap, I did, to a two gal pot but to no avail. The yield was 1 mason jar each w the blue amnesia having a little more material. They’re great strains so I’ll do em over again one day.
The blue cheese plant which was an auto took her sweet ass time to finish, she was huge. Her, cheese & blue cheese, blueberry & 9lb hammer are curing as we speak, have yet to try them :rofl: :laughing:

Enough of the sidetrack…
The last two that are still in the tent though they’re about to get evicted are ILGM Afghan and Ogre by Pacific seedbank. I dont know much about Pacific and am a little skeptical since they seem to have everything, even some of the more esoteric stuff. That being said, Ogre is a gorgeous stocky solid little plant so, who am I to complain or say otherwise. She looks heavy and mean.

Afghan on left, Ogre. Afghan has ridiculous frosting on her, I’ll get some pictures tomorrow if I get a chance/remember lol. The affie is basically done but is taking her sweet time as well. they’re both getting yanked any day now.

Alright my friends, I’ll leave you w some family shots as I am running out of gas here.

@Not2SureYet the last three picture above, that’s DT2, in transition :grin:

Thank you friends for stopping by and have a great evening! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :partying_face: :v: :rocket:


Absolutely beautiful my friend!! They all look amazing! Nice to see the purples that you got with the grayskull, in fact you have nice colors all throughout the tent. Breathtaking!


Your Arcata looks much better than mine did :grin: and I :heart: purple kush. I need to grow me another one next round. And everything looks awesome @Mote :wink:


Talk about an awesome lineup! Keep up the good work, they look great!


I’ll be following along hope you don’t mind
Great line up you have going on must keep you busy they all look good :sunglasses:


Looking good! :grin:


Good morning Cody! & thank you my friend, they’re your creations so you deserve the credit for their beauty. I forgot to mention that I was able to get two clones off each girl when I did the week 3 defoliation. took a while for them to take in the depths of winter but they’re re-vegging slowly which is fine w me :grin:


All your plants look great. I bet it smells RIDICULOUS in there lol


Good morning Missiles, thank you that’s very kind of you. I believe the weird nocturnal rituals that I’ve been performing have something to do with her vigor :rofl: And that’s a solid endorsement on Purple Kush, I have high hopes for her :grin: :v:


Not at all Spanky, glad to have you along. my journals are usually kind of boring so adjust your expectations :wink:


Thank you db, I’m trying man, I’m trying to do right by these gals. :grin:

Quick technical question. I’d like to extend the footprint of the 260W XL QB V2 Rspec kits that I got a while back.
I feel that the lights themselves are good enough to flower my tent but they could be more efficient if I can spread the boards a little. right now they’re about 4.25" apart from each other. I’d like to have at least 12"+ separating them for better light distribution.
My question is, can I build another frame w 1/8" aluminum angle and would I need the heat sinks at that point? (the current driver is the HLG-240H-C2100A)
Or, should I cut the heat sinks and mount them on an extended frame. Not really in the mood to cut those sinks, not even sure how I would go about doing that?


Thank you my friend, it does smell Ridiculous, I’m just waiting on that Arcata Skunk to start doing her thing, curious to see if she’ll outstink the cheese & blue cheese girls I had in there.
Time will tell :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m with you there. I’ve smoked some strains that do that. Laughter is a great medicine for any ailment.

Hopefully we will see if PFP likes my soil. I’m not real good on delicate. I hope your referring to delicate with nutes? If so, I should be ok. Damn, I probably just jinxed myself now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dang those are huge colas on arcata skunk. Well actually on a bunch of your girls. Gray skull on the left looks huge.
Nice defoliation job on her :+1:

The DT’s have some beautiful buds. That one you just flipped, holy cow is she gonna be a beast, heck she already is.
Fatty stems = fatty buds and those are some fatties!
Everything thing looks great. That’s a beautiful flower tent
So how many do you have going atm? I lost count :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s good to hear your fall plans. You will be thinking of that laughing buhda all summer and that may shorten your little grow break :grin:
You certainly have your hands full right now. You sure are good at it, nice job ganja farmer :v::green_heart:


Thanks for the kind words Jewels.
I’m sincerely hoping that Laughing Buddha does exactly that, laughter is the best medicine :+1:

Not sure what to make of Fruity Pebbles, might be nothing, all I’ve observed is she did not grow as vigorously as her cannaventure mates which is fine, they are all different strains after all. She’s not delicate in that you can look at her and she wont wilt :rofl: Being that they’ve all had the same diet and lighting I expected somewhat similar results, that might be unreasonable idk. As long as she puts out quality material I’m ok w her not being as large as her other room mates. Purple Urkle isnt that big either. Fruity P didnt drink as much as the others, that was very obvious, I might have to watch her ph a bit. Got two clones off her as well so I’ll see if they respond better as they continue to grow.

Cody’s Gray Skull were on the fence at 1 month into veg, looked palid and what not, then one day they just took off and left everyone behind, you know the drill :grin:

There are 11± gals in there now (I’ve lost count too), Purple Kush will be vacating the premises in a week or so. Probably wont be flipping anything for at least 3 weeks, just play it by ear for now.

Thanks for stopping by my friend, hope you’re having a great day.
Keep Warm! :v: :partying_face:


They look like 260 XW in picture, and that would make more sense as to why you want to split them too. Is the xl a typo?

It doesn’t really cost you anything to cut heatsinks down middle and split them. But you will definitely need something for heatsinks. You could probably buy xl heatsinks, but without a price break I think they are about $80 each.


Wow, great looking grow here :+1: We should thank @dbrn32 for sending @Myfriendis410 a few DT seeds. And @Myfriendis410 for getting me to grow one. After that. Well, It became one that needs to be grown often :grin:


It could easily be a typo, I dont have a copy of the actual order, not that I can find right now anyway.

The heat sinks are 19 3/4" long, if that helps clarify, w the two QB 288 V2 3000K Boards.

I’m ok w cutting the heatsinks in half and building another frame for them to attach to and spread them out. Not sure what they are made of, Aluminum?
Bottom line is the boards need heat sinks based on what you’re saying.
As to cutting them I can figure something out, either do it myself or bring it to a metal shop.

Thank you Sir! Always grateful for your help in this world of which I am not too familiar with :grin:


I have no problem thanking Mr. @dbrn32 and Mr. @Myfriendis410, Thank you Gentlemen!
Now I know a little more about the “genealogy” origin :grin: of DT.

I’m trying that very thing at the moment my friend, got three clones in veg, will probably keep one and mother it a bit longer. Thanks again for sharing that one w me :+1:
She done got chopped this morning! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Along w Afghan & Ogre. She was the biggest/heaviest of the lot :smiley: :v: :rocket: :partying_face:


The 260 xl kit is long and narrow heatsink that could hold 3 boards. Like this

From pictures it looks like you have this kit

Either way, as long as heatsinks don’t get bent i don’t see anything wrong with cutting them. Yes you can find aluminum angle at big box home improvement stores or like an ace hardware. Get stuff with 1/8" wall, thinner than that is a little flimsy.


Yep. its the second one, the XW kit. I’ll be cautious when I cut them so as not to bend them.
I still have some of the 1/8" angle stock from the veg light you helped me with.
Thank you again db, I appreciate it immensely…and so will my plants :smile: :+1: :v:
Cool Man! :sunglasses: :partying_face: