Freezing temps tomorrow morning in the North/East

There is a frost warning for tomorrow morning here in the north/east. It’s going down to 32 degrees for a short time around 5am. I’m more worried about my peionies and roses than I am my 3 indoor seedlings that I just finished germinating and planting today.

I’m really hoping this does not affect the crops this season.

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I’m also in the north east!!! Precautions have been taken


Nice job. That must have taken some time. I just went into my backyard and wished my plants good luck. :smile: The weather in May can be so unpredictable.
Hopefully trhe freezing temps will pass quickly.
Best of luck to you and your crop.


In Michigan too

@GreenGardner2023 yeah it was definitely time consuming but I’ve put way too much time and effort into my 50 tomato plants and 25 peppers starting them all from seed to lose them !! They made it through this morning’s frost so hopefully it works this coming morning also

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28° this morning. I hope that coveing them works. That’s why I don’t plant till after Memorial Day. I have ruined to may crops.

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We will see, hoping for the best

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May i enquire? Are freezes like this common in May in your areas?

We had hard freeze early May in Texas few years back. Not common in Cen. Tx. But happens once every 20 yrs it seems.

First frost on avg here, nov 15-23, 100 yr avg going. Hasnt changed much in last 20 yrs.

Rain totals has been kept almost 125 yrs by noa weather. My area has averaged 23 -25 inches annually. That hasnt changed either.

Some droughts, some years excessive, still hitting average for over 100 yrs.

Hello there i see your a tomato grower .i have a question i got hit with early blight and decided to pull the plants…but i been wondering if it can spread the weed plants