Freakin out

Hi y’all, I’m a first time grower, with two beautiful plants up until Tuesday night. Well need less to say tuesday night it got cold and I was out of town for business and my plants are located outside. When I came home tuesday afternoon I was excited to see my babies hadnt died. Upon first assement they looked healthy even though they had some wilted leaves. So I grabbed my trusty scissors and pruned them both. There were still some leaves that had brown leaves but the base of the leaf was not accessible. So the rest of this past week ive been doing my best to get them up and moving again. Yet when I came this afternoon they look horrible!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I started this project in late july so im super excited about them I just dont want to put all this work in and it be for not. Thanks for listening to this stoners rant and any comments and suggestions will be taken to heart.

Looks like the fan leaves took the brunt of the cold damage. You have to help yourself by not leaving your plants out in harsh weather.

And I understand that I should leave my plants outside in harsh weather. I was unaware that 52 degrees would hurt it. All im trying to determine is whether or not I should harvest them before anything else happens or should I ride it out and see what rhe next couple of days bring.

Yes, normally 52*F shouldn’t be a problem, but what is the wind-chill factor? If it gets below freezing then the water in the leaves will freeze, that is the key, freezing means cell death. Cover them with something overnight or bring them inside to finish, that is your best bet.

Cell damage starts to occur at or below 60 degrees. Cell death starts to occur under 40 degrees. FYI

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