Fox Farm soils and products - RI, MA, CT growers

In preparation of my seeds arriving I went to the Fox Farm website to see where I can get it locally. The chain store Benny’s (in RI , MA and CT) carries it to my surprise. Unfortunately I just saw on the news last night that all 31 Benny’s store will be closing by the end of the year (which is very sad). So I am going to head to my local store this afternoon to see if I can get a few bags. Their prices are usually pretty reasonable. Just a heads up if anyone needs to stock up.


Htg has it and every hydro store

Google maps = hydroponic and your good


“hydro stores near me” works too. My local True Value has FF products as well, though the local hydro store is a bit cheaper!


No Benny’s stores up this way.

Benny’s sells the nuts also. I believe cheaper then amazon


Keep an eye on the stores. When the get close to closing they’ll discount a bunch of stuff. Maybe you can grab a few bags at a good deal.

@Ray4x @Ds401 I just went to the one closest to me. They only had 4 bags of Happy Frog left. 2 cubic feet for $15.99. The same size is $39.99 on Amazon so I feel like I scored there and bought 2 bags. There were a couple of other stores listed on the website where I can get it too. I wanted to get a bag of the Ocean Forest too as isn’t that better to start seedlings in? @bob31 But they didn’t have any so the search continues at the other stores.

Sadly the shelves are already being wiped clean.

Of the two Happy Frog is better for starting in. I used to use Ocean Forest but switched to HF last grow and happy I did! @AnneBonny

Awesome news then @bob31 I don’t need to spend more $ (on dirt at least).

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Did you order seeds? I lost track @AnneBonny

I did @bob31 No worries. I took advantage of the labor day sale and got 10 Amnesia Haze Autos and 5 Gold Leaf. I think that will be a good combo. They are on their way which is why I was on a mission for the soil. I want to have everything ready when they arrive.


Perfect. My AHA have popped and are in their 3 gallon homes in ffhf and are all domed up. I will put some pics up on my grow later on today or tomorrow.

Sounds like you folks are ready to go @AnneBonny !


Light warrior is a seed starter by fox farm I love it

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I have always used O.F. Soil as my seed starter and have alway’s had great success! I have heard that others have had problems, but I have had great growth with it. Happy frog is another great soil, but is alittle dense for seed starting. Loosen this soil with some extra perlite and you will do fine. Both mixes are excellent for vegging and flowering. I have been using Fox Farms products for over 10 yrs. now and have not moved on to other mixes, because these are the best to me. Mike

@mcicchino :heart: Out of like already this morning!

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