Fox Farm bloom nute difference

There are 2 different FF bloom nutes, Big Bloom 0–0.5-0.7 and Buds and Bloom 2-8-4. Which to use? Are they for differing stages of bloom? I am confused. Any insight is appreciated.

I would follow Fox Farm feeding schedule, but at ~70% of the values they call for. The Fox Farm schedule is very aggressive and can lead to salt buildup and nute burn.

Tiger Bloom is their flowering product. Big Bloom should be used throughout your grow as it is the product that contains the micronutrients (copper, boron, iron, etc.) your plant needs. Grow Big is predominantly nitrogen and it should be used throughout most of your grow, particularly during veg and also when your plant is packing on the foliage as it stretches during the first few weeks of flowering.


It can get confusing. That’s why I wish they’d change the name. Something like Fox Farms Organic Micro since that’s basically what it is. I’ve seen people try to use solely big bloom for their flowering nutes and it’s not going to come close to cutting it.


I am confused, sorry. When exactly should each product be used?


The chart will help but DONT forget to do the flushes!

I feel very dense in the head about now. Do I understand that at some weeks of growth, all 3 nutes are mixed to the same gallon? I assume flushing means straight water every other watering. The chart works for fem plants, but not auto flower. I hope everyone will excuse my lack of understanding. I sincerely apologize.

No apology necessary. Every one of us here started in the same spot you are at.


Spoke with FF on phone last week, they say to flush as the chart says but use amount of sledgehammer per gal double amount of water you normally water with and can add neuts at end of flush with last gal of flush water.

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I do this too. Need to remember though that saturated soil does not absorb nutes very well. I feed with my usual strength on the next watering after the soil has dried out.

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Well… I have a problem. I am absolutely unable to flush. I have 5 gallon fabric pots. They are in a closet and can’t be moved. Can I dilute the nutes and proceed? I have used Grow Big and switched to Buds and Bloom on the auto (still in progress) and just started 12/12 hours on a fem which was on grow big, haven’t yet started any bloom nutes with it yet. Eww!

Well I’ll try to salvage what I can from this crop. Any help appreciated. Now I need to know if there are products available that I just use and not have to flush for the next time I try this. I’m assuming one for veg and another for flower. Anything anybody? Thanks!