Flowering question/fox farm trio?

Has anyone ever used fox farms trio? I used fox farms nutes last grow and this current one. Last grow i also used flower fuel along with it during flower and my plants did really well. My first grow i got 3.2lbs off of 7 plants. I have nothing to reference that off of but i think thats pretty good, and everyone loved the bud. Im kinda thinking if it aint broke dont fix it but fox farms trio seems to focus on 3 different stages of flower so i wonder if it would be better than the flower fuel. Thoughts on this or a completely different suggestion, anything helpful would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Flower Fuel and the Trio isn’t an either/or. Flower Fuel is a so-called bloom booster, which is nothing more than a concentrated version of the Trio’s Tiger Bloom. Flower Fuel relies on a marketing gimmick for sales. If you want more PK in your grow, then simply feed more Tiger Bloom.

The Trio product isn’t necessarily split up in 3 stages. It is important to feed all 3 (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) throughout the grow The Big Bloom name can be misleading. It isn’t a flowering nute. Big Bloom contains the micronutrients (Boron, Copper, Iron,…) that the plant needs to be healthy.

Grow Big: nitrogen
Big Bloom: micronutrients
Tiger Bloom: potassium and phosphorous

Flower Fuel: unnecessary, and can even lead to nute burn


I guess i did make the question a little vague. Im referring to the 3 dry nutrients that they have. I do use the liquid trio through the whole grow but i added the flower fuel during flower. So my thinking is to switch out the flower fuel to the 3 bloom boosters from fox farm. Beastie blooms, cha ching, and i foget the other one

The other one is Open Sesame. These are also “bloom boosters” that are unnecessary so long as you are feeding the Trio (or equivalent alternative) adequately. There is nothing in Beastie, Open Sesame, and Cha Ching that isn’t already in Tiger Bloom.

I suggest using a complete product such as the Trio (plus ca/mag,) Jack’s 321, Advanced Nutrients, or General Hydroponics.

Unless you have experience managing salt heavy products and the inevitable flushing and pH problems, I would avoid any form of bloom boosters. They just aren’t necessary and may cause unnecessary problems.