Four girls one yellow and older leaves dropping

I have four plants three are great
Potting mix is miracle grow moisture control
The one plant is yellow the other three are green and beautiful
The yellow girl is:
Dropping lower leaves
And it’s going up the plant from the bottom.
Older leaves are yellowing and dropping

Ive added
High calcium lime, a week ago.
And yesterday I added a granular broad spectrum fungicide to the soil
I feed a lite solution of miracle grow once a week and water every other day.

Not sure if the fungicide will help as it was only yesterday.

Any suggestions?

The two one the left and right are so much nicer than the one with the brown leaves. She is yellow overall compared to the others.

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They are growing inside my raspberry plants.

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I’m not an expert at all but I think the MG might be your issue.
MG releases nutrients on its on along the way and that brings problems when certain nutrients are fed to the plant at the wrong time.
Some more experienced guys and gals should be able to give you a for sure answer.
Good luck and happy growing.

MG. What is that? Manganese? Miracle Grow?

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Miracle grow