Yellowing around leaves


So I’m on my second grow and I’ve had a few issues this time. I’m growing with a drip feed system with a sf4000 light using gh trio.

I have 6 plants on about week 6 since seed. One of them looks awesome 1 is doing good 2 are ok and 2 kinda been struggling. The 2 that are struggling seemed like they got stunnted and just been growing slow. All but the 2 best plants have smaller leaves yellowing around the leaves and off color green. Is this something ive caused or is it a genetics issue?

The pictures dont really show the difference in color. First one shows the healthiest plant and the second is leaves that dont lokk good but cant tell from picture.

So my first grow went really good no major issues. I did white widow and got a little over a pound off 8 plants.

This time I am trying gg4 and been having issues. I did change a few things this time around. I got bigger pots and got halo watering things and before i had just one 1/16 inch tube for the drippers in each pot. Everything else is same as before.

Started out with 250 ppm and now around 700 ppm of equal parts gh nuts and 3ml cal-mag per gallon of water. The ph is usually between 5.7-6.2 but usually right around 5.8. I’ve been keeping the light about 15 inches from top. And my watering schedule is on 15 min every hour while lights are on.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated thanks.


I’m also growing a GG4 auto and it’s my second grow like you. (So far from an expert but enough to have an opinion…for what it’s worth)

Your plants look good to me and your SCROG setup looks good. I just wonder if your tent will support that many plants in one tent. I have one GG4 and it’s taking up almost my entire 2x4 tent (again, just my opinion and I’m very possibly wrong).

So far I’m loving the GG4 auto.

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The net is 4x4 area and the room is 7x8 so more room than the light can do. My last grow was in a smaller room with 8 plants. The pictures dont really show what they actually look like maybe if the leaf isnt under the light and i get a picture

Looks to be the start of a mag deficiency


What medium are you using, saw how frequent that fertigation is? No personal experience but 4 times a day max is what I’ve seen and read :love_you_gesture:

My last reservoir change i upped the cal-mag to 5ml a gallon because i was wondering if that was the issue. Im using clay balls or leca.

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