Help! My Jack Herer's has yellow tips on new growth only

My soil is 30% organic, 30% cow manure, 30% peat moss, and 10% perallite. I’m using Miracle Gro and ph at 6. Please can someone help, she needs to start flowering. What do I need to do. Also under 1000 watt light system.

How long into veg is she? it’s really depends on how big you want her to get. Some growers like tall some short it’s up to you brother switch your lights to 12/12 and they will flower in time.
Also you need to down load Robert’s book THE GROW BIBLE all the info you need is in the book and Latewood and Stoner will help you in any they can.
Hope this helps

Be safe Will

Get off the MG. Best thing i ever did was get rid of the MG. No reason to use MG when the alternatives are so cheap and plentiful, and available… Anywhere.

Set your timer to 12 hours lights on, andf 12 hours lights off.

She will flower. Keep your 1000 watt lamp 32-36" above the canopy, and let us knw what happens. Peace :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your advice. I’m now using only General Hydroponic systems. I added Epsom Salt for more magnesium. The yellowing is no longer there. Also started flowering at 36 days in Veg. She will be done flowering in 2 more weeks. She has massive colas. Very happy with "ilovegrowingmarijuana they are the best.

Thanks again.

By the way and for your information, the yellow tips was not because you were using miracle gro. That was not the main cause or reason for the yellow tips. It might have been because of the type of miracle grow(too high N level in the NPK ratio) or the amount/concentration of miracle gro. Miracle Gro is not the best, but it is also not the worst like some try to portray it, it can be used very successfully if you know what you are doing. The yellow tips were obviously early stage low level nute burn, simply flushing and/or switching to a nutrient with less nitrogen would easily explain the yellow tips going away.

Miriacle grow works great for a flower bed with 10 different kids of flowers, or a vegetable garden with 10 different kinds of veggies growing, they make my girls roses look lovely. It has its uses and for them are as good as any. I wasnt bashing :+), im just very passionate i guess. I simply feel that miriacle grow is at best a last resort for growing pot whwn the alternatives are so plentiful and available.

No argument there, there are much better alternatives that are not really much more expensive.

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I use miriacle grow soil and it always worked great for me. From start to finish.


Use Miracle Grow if that is your choice.

Keep in mind’ You will never see a commercial, professional, or advanced grower using Miracle Grow! There is a reason.

Happy Growing :slight_smile:

miracle gro is yellowing my bubblegum seedling :sob: should I flush? @latewood

How old is your seedling? What soil is it in? How much MG did you mix with your water? Did you have proper PH? What size pot do you have it in?

“Keep in mind’ You will never see a commercial, professional, or advanced grower using Miracle Grow! There is a reason.”

What is the reason?

I one week as of today in a solo cup ph was a little high 6.7-8…thought they would be okay until I switched to larger pots and Fox farm soil

theres just better stuff out there bro

That does not answer the question, why you will never see a commercial, professional, or advanced grower using Miracle Grow.

Sirry that was my short answer to a question not asked of me…but a few possible reasons could be…how hot the fertilizers get…and the nutrients for a lot of mg are time released and has been made with the thought of being under a sprinkler the nutes can be pretty strong as to stick around…that’s what I’ve found…hope it helps

Happy Growing

Funny thing is I’m a noob and I knew your not
suppose to use nutes till veg didn’t even think about all the nutes in mg being too much…if I would have gotten the right soil from the start there would be no need for mg

Miracle grow is usually wrong N-P-K it’s dosing is too strong meant to be time release monthly feeds for house plants in most cases I have seen people grow awesome weed with it but most have issues and stay away from it.