Flushing cannibass plant

I flushed 3 of my 6 plants 45 days after flower, I I didn’t get other 3 flushed until 9th cause I got sick and ended up in hospital (girl scout cookies extreme which says I can push 70 days in flower but there ready now. If I put to sleep tonight for 48hrs are the 3 that got flushed late going to taste a lil different or completely like shit any ideas, or advice would be great and appreciated (synthetic nutrients) I’ve also been heavy watering them with at least 20-25% runoff after flush

I run water only for the last week or ten days while monitoring the runoff TDS: when the runoff reaches my target value (less than 300 ppm in soil, under 100 in media) I put plants in darkness.

The difference between properly flushed and not is simply a harsher smoke.

Also IMO none of your plants are properly flushed ahead of harvest.

Pictures in natural light would be good too.

Next grow go organic and leave all that extra work behind.
Better for you…better for the planet

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Easier said than done I I plan to once i get a technique down, not to mention I’m a paraplegic

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