Flowering questions day 32

I asked sort of a similar question about this before but couldn’t really get a solid answer and I also need help with the trichome thing as well. 3 photo period white widows in organic soil fox farm nutrients…(fox farm trio) 5 1000 watt led. I am 32 days into 12/12 I will post picks of plants when I get back home. But one plant the pistils are half red mayne more and have been for like 2 weeks. I noticed today that alot the leaves on top are starting to change color on this plant. I try looking at trichomes and I’m almost positive that I’m seeing cloudy trichomes already and maybe even few amber ones but it could have possible been on the sugar leaves I was seeing this. But I swear they look cloudy. Has anyone ever heard of a plant maturing way earlier with very little buds or is this kind of a normal thing. Are they still on track because the other two the pistils are still all white for most part. It’s hard for me to explain but to me it’s confusing ill post pics of all three plants soon as I get home. Also if someone could explain exactly where to be looking when looking at my trichomes. Do I clip a bud and look in the center of it. Or just look at the very tips of my plants where all the red Hairs are. Like I said idk how the hairs are even that red yet the other two are not My plants are just now starting to grow buds

You want to check the trichomes on the buds, preferably more inside towards the stems, not the sugar leaves. The sugar leaves are a couple of weeks ahead of your flowers on trichomes. This is the best chart I have, but as good as any. Ignore the color chart at the bottom, it’s a screenshot…

Wait until about 80% of the white hairs have turned red and curled back inward, then check your trichomes.

Here are three pics like I said each one started the same time but te one has bunch of red hsirs the other two don’t does the matter

Here is a pic of all three as a whole idk if u can tell in the pic but the leaved are starting to yellow on top of the one

It’s really hard for me to get a good pic … idk if u can tell or not in the pic.but like I said im just concerned that there are already so many hairs on the one and today I noticed I had yellowing of alot of the leaves on top of that one the other two are on schedule from what I can tell. This is my first grow and I getting close to the end I’ve pit allot of work and time in so I’m kinda freaking out here

The plants look fine, you have at least 5 weeks left.


What are you using to check trichomes. These are pictures I took today. I snipped the tips of the buds off and was curious how the trichs were looking on day 42 of 12/12

These from the white one. As expected clear as can be.

You can see the pistils are just starting to turn brown

I can not imagine, looking at your buds, it would be further along than the one I pictured.
In my grow notes, I noted day 33 first saw a few brown pistils.

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You have few weeks left (4-5).

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