Flowering girl looks unhappy (Calcium issue?)

As she is flowering I don’t wanna do the wrong thing.

Ocean Forest soil.

I gave her a cup of water as the soil was very dry.

Looking at the chart the leaves look like almost a calcium defiency

Theres also some clawing going on. Not super bad but its there.


I should add it also could be the temp and humidity in my closet dropped too fast last night.

Dark colored Leaf clawing is typically a toxicity issues.

:point_up_2: not enough Growmie especially for this plants age. I suspect a PH issue and may be related to your watering practices. Use a drench to drought routine with liberal run off. Have you been monitoring run off PH and PPMs and are you feeding nutrients…if so what’s the final PH and PPMs after mixing :love_you_gesture:

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Man I didn’t even think about the underwatering… ugh

And shes getting one cup of bloom nutrients once a week

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The concept of overwatering is misunderstood by a lot of new growers. We find lots of info saying don’t over water, but its rarely explained very well.
To the point, Over watering is not the amount of water given on watering day, But its the frequency of watering such as watering the plant too often.
So when the soil is ready for watering you can give it a drenching of 20 gallons and not consider that overwatering as long as you now wait for the soil to dry out again. Wet to dry cycles. (I will note that Coco Coir is watered every day but that’s a whole different type of media.)
What happens if you water soil too often is the roots begin to starve for air. Roots need oxygen and as the soil dries out little pockets of air open up and the roots use it for growth. So wet to dry is the idea.


What nutrient brand are you using? Reputable brand base nutrients generally do not need bloom booster additives. Less is more and keep it simple is my grow routine…. Less to diagnose and fix when the plant is expressing issues. Have you checked the run off PH and PPMs, this is where I would start, I would drench the plant to liberal run off with water at a PH of 6.5 and test the run off. Frequency of feeding or watering could be 3-5 days or so depending on the vessel size :love_you_gesture: