It appears my plants are already starting the flowering process. I have eight extremely healthy (nearly 6 ft tall) Medijuana plants from Feminized Seeds. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I’m confused, though. We are not yet getting 12 hours of complete darkness yet here in Michigan. Do the plants automatically start to flower when it gets later in the summer, perhaps knowing it’s too far north to wait for the darkness?

The early budding/flowering I see are myriads of sprouts popping up in the crevices of the stalks. They are small right now, still slender & delicate. How much longer before I might be able to harvest??

Outdoors there are numerous things that can be contributing to triggering the plant’s hormones, just the fact that the nights are getting longer each day can influence the hormones. Indoors we use 12 hours, just jump straight to the photo period that will induce pretty much any strain, but outdoors some strains may start flowering as early as only 10 or 11 hours of darkness. Also some strains start pre-flowers when they get to a certain size, even under long 18 - 24 hour light schedules and these will not continue to grow and swell like true flowers. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, watch them and if possible get a 40x minimum to maybe 60x magnifier, like a jeweler’s or photographer loupe, so you can actually see into the little crystals that will form on the flowers and leaves. When these are all milky white, not just clear, with maybe just a few showing some amber or kinda honey color in them, the flower is ripe and ready to cut down, this is usually when about half to maybe all of the hairs have turned kinda redish orange brown.